ByChloe Ward, writer at

If your a fan of Teo,you would know that Teo is supposed to be in 2 upcoming movies ; Bukoski and Memoria.

These 2 movies were meant to be released in 2014 but neither of the 2 movies have had no new news about them.

On YouTube,there is a video of the first day of filming of Memoria which has been deleted.It was on Teos official website ( but I couldn't seem to find it.If you do please tell me in the comments.

I'm starting to think that the 2 movies won't be released until December or until 2016.Maybe it's not going to be released at all!

We need Franco and Halm to give us a heads up of whats going on with the 2 movies because all of Teos Fans (like me) need to know what the hell is going on!

Ask Halm and Franco on Twitter,Instagram or Facebook because we all need to know about Teo's upcoming movies!

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