ByDreak Masters, writer at

At the end of the movie we see Rico being taken away by the feds as he was caught selling a large amount of cocaine in an undercover sting operation. But what if this was Mitch plan all along as Mitch to help get Ace out of the game so he can have his old friend back. Sup Mitch made a deal with the Feds to give them somebody more powerful more important as long as his family and grind are taken care of. As a result in a flashback at the end we see that Mitch is meeting with an the two fbi agents and they tell him they found sunny and have him protected. Then they launched the sting faking Mitch death while he goes into witness protection and gives up all the contacts that him and Ace have made. Ace believing it was Rico have Rico up and Rico goes away for a long time. Ace gets out the game and moves to Philadelphia to start over. He sometimes confess back to check on things turns out Sunny is doing good and studs he has where he sees Mitch and Mitch still takes care of him.


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