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Mike Valentine

This is my entry for the alternate ending contest.I chose to do The Matrix: Revolution, because the entire trilogy defined a generation of action films. It's also known as a movie with an awful ending with too many loose ends.

The movie plays as normal all the way to the moment when Smith converts Neo into another Smith, or "Neo-Smith".

Neo-Smith explodes, leaving no trace of himself or the Smith he had become. All the other Smith copies follow suit. The original Smith then cracks, and explodes.

In the real world, Neo glows a bright orange as the screen is engulfed in his orange glow. The screen slowly fades to black.

Fade in to Neo, seemingly in the Matrix, asleep on his computer desk, in his apartment. His headphones blarring music. Light is shining through his window. It's morning. Slowly his eyes open. His eyes dart around a moment as he sits up and looks around the room. There's a bowl on his desk with a spoon in it. Reaching for the spoon, he picks it up and looks at it, concentrating hard. Obviously trying to bend it with his mind. The spoon remains straight and rigid.

Neo sets the spoon down and looks at his plugs? He gets up and walks into the restroom. Taking off his shirt, he looks at his reflection. First the back of his arms agian. Then, spinning around, he looks over his shoulder to examine his back. Nothing but skin. No metal plugs or scars to indicate anything had been there.

He slowly turns back around to face the mirror, placing his hands on the sink, leaning and looking down into it. The confused man looks up at the mirror and into his own eyes...

Neo: It was all a dream?

Outside, Neo walks down the sidewalk, still shaken by his dreams. It all seemed so real. He scans the crowd of pedestrians as he passes them. Suddenly, a woman catches his eye in the crowd. A beautiful blonde woman in a red dress passes by, smiling flirtatiously at Neo. He slows to a stop, looking at the ground.

Neo: (to himself) Look again.

Turning around, with nervouse expectation, all he sees is the woman's curvacious frame fade away in the crowd.

Morpheus: (voice) This was the only way to save him.

Neo looks up at the sky.

Neo: (to himself) Wake up, Neo.

Morpheus: (voice) He was willing to sacrifice his mind to save us all.

The camera zooms into the sky, cutting away to the real world. Morpheus is standing with Councillor Hamann.

Hamann: And what of the others still within the Matrix?

Morpheus: All of them have been awakened. People are in the growing fields, tending to them. Guiding them in their confusion. We're taking it slowly as to not cause a riot.

Hamann: So Neo is...

Morpheus: The only one still plugged into the system. His fight with Smith would have killed him. The Architect rebooted the Matrix and sent Neo's mind there as a form of life support.

Hamann turns an looks up.

Hamann: Is he aware?

Morpheus: It will all seem like a dream for now. Until he's ready to be reawakened.

Hamann: The last man in The Matrix...The One.

Morpheus turns to look with the Councillor. The camera cuts and zooms out, showing a pod with Neo inside. Plugged back into the system.

Cut to Neo walking down the sidewalk towards the camera while everyone else walks the other way. The scenery fades to black as the buildings, and people turn into green Matrix Script. Neo fades into orange script.



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