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Vinayak Verma

Now that all the trailers of Marvel's Avengers:Age of Ultron are out, everyone is talking about easter eggs and references. But there's a huge similarity in all the 3 trailers and a potential reference everyone might have missed.

I hope you all must have watched the above trailer.

At 0:21 past this trailer, a woman appears (or reappears).

At the same time Ultron coincidentally (or not) quotes,

People who have looked to the sky and see.. Hope

Does that mean she is the mutant messiah HOPE 'SUMMERS'?

It can be possible as she DID appear in Age of Ultron trailer 1 and 2 both and this can't be a mere coincidence.

At 0:20 of trailer 1, the same lady appears screaming as Ultron creates destruction.

Ultron creating havoc
Ultron creating havoc

At 0:58 of trailer 2, the same lady is shown again with a kid (both screaming).

FOX has the rights of X-Men characters

Marvel Studios can't mess up with superheroes as far as rights are concerned. But the question arises "Is Marvel Studios secretly negotiating with FOX for the rights of some characters?"

Hope Summers in Marvel comics
Hope Summers in Marvel comics

Or is she another mystery woman that Marvel will later reveal?

This can possibly be true as including random people in all 3 trailers, that's some seriously rare possibility.


Who do you think she might be?

Do comment guys what you really feel she can be!!


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