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For those who haven't seen the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks the plot is basically about a Fed Ex delivery man who has to survive on a deserted island after his plane crashes alone. For four years he is stuck on this island where his only friend is a volleyball named Wilson, and the only food that he eats are fish from the sea. He eventually gets off the island when he builds a raft and is found by a ship while stranded in the middle of sea. Once he arrives back home he is relatively fine except for the fact that his old love has moved on and gotten herself a family. In an emotional scene she reveals to him that Hanks is still the love of her life, but she wont go back to him because of her family.

Tom Hanks after arriving home after 4 years
Tom Hanks after arriving home after 4 years

What if however while on the island he faced more of a challenge than just survival. What if when he arrived on the island he realized that he wasn't then only one their. Instead of complete isolation he found himself on an island of murder driven pirates who capture Hanks to use at their disposal. While at their will he is beaten by the pirates, emotionally hurt by them, and loses all hope because of them. The only thing that keeps him going is the picture of his fiance that he has in his pocket watch. Every job the pirates require Hanks to do are usually located off the island but on other islands, but whenever they don't need him they drop him on the original island alone because they know their in no chance he will be able to escape. After a year of this treatment he makes the mistake of trying to mistake, and when caught he is beaten miserably practically to death. After fully healing from this incident he comes to the realization that it is either time to fight or die trying.

For one of time periods he is alone on the island he devises a plan to pick off the pirate crew one by one. He builds a raft and places enough coconuts to form the shape of human body, and also a second raft he can use to perform his escape. He pushes it out to sea so that when the pirate crew arrive they see in the distance what looks to be Hanks on a raft floating out to sea. This causes the pirates to become separated giving Hanks the ability to follow through with his plan. He finds he is able to kill a couple of the crew of five easily until the others notice that they are being picked off. When it comes down to the last pirate Hanks is noticed and tackled to the ground by the man. As he is being beaten he notices that to his side is a coconut that he grabs to hit the pirate off of him. Noticing this may be his only chance he bashes in the head of the man in the most brutal murder he's performed while the other pirates deaths were relatively quick. Killing this man this way proved to have no effect on Hanks due to his years off being the victim of pure brutality.

Knowing that he cant take the pirates ship due to more of the crew being on board he gets on the other raft that he built and gets out to see while still severely injured from the beating given by the pirate. Like the original movie he is found out at sea by a ship and brought back home. However while on the ship Hanks prefers to be in pure isolationism due to the fact he that its impossible for him to be around people because of the challenges he has faced over the last couple of years. After arriving home he comes to the devastating realization that his fiance, whose picture got him through the island, died from cancer two years after Hank's plane had crashed. He visits her grave, who is buried next to him since he was presumed dead, and for the first time since being saved he begins to talk. "Without you I would have dies a long time ago. I had the hopes that I would come home to be with you again. I did things that...I killed men to come home. I didn't want to, but it was the only way. ( He begins to cry) I should have just died on that island. Ill never go back to being who I was. There's just no way someone can come back from murder. What do I do now?" He gets up to leave and that night overwhelmed by the pressures of human interaction commits suicide.

This is what I think would have been a good alternate ending for Castaway, and hopefully you think it was creative enough to win.


Do you think my alternate ending was better than the original


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