ByArjun Viswanathan, writer at

Since the rumors that surrounded John Diggle's becoming of the Green Lantern has been shooed away, here's another thing that came to my notice. For this we gotta go back....waaaaaay back to Arrow Season 3 Episode: 'Draw Back Your Bow'.

In this episode, we see Felicity accompanying Ray Palmer to a dinner/meeting held with a couple named 'The Gardners'. But here's the thing. That surname is related to one of the most self-imposed, brash and really obnoxious Green Lantern (according to me, that is). And he is none other than GUY GARDNER!!!

Guy Gardner is a member of the Green Lantern Corps assigned to Earth, known for his brash attitude and machismo. He has also been a member of Justice League International. It is possible that history will determine Gardner to be the greatest Green Lantern of all time (something I really don't agree to), although he is constantly in competition with his fellow Lanterns Hal Jordan, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner.

So here's the million dollar question...who will play Guy Gardner? Please do provide your suggestions below! I'd love to see them!


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