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Star Trek Into Darkness was a horrible movie. It was seriously pathetic. It may have single handedly ruined the J.J. Abrams Star Trek series for me. However, before that, we got a halfway decent movie. Well, for what it was, anyway. Perhaps it is because my expectations were so utterly low for it, but I was blown away by the rebooted Trek in the theaters. Now, granted, the movie has a lot of holes and asks you to fogive a lot of things that just don't make sense. I'm sorry, I don't care who you are or how good you are or even that you saved the entire planet, no one graduates from Starfleet Academy with the rank of Captain. Doesn't happen, never has, never will. I've been more than willing to overlook this, though, for the sake of seeing Captain Kirk in the subsequent sequels. There is, however, something that is almost unforgivable for me and that is the way the film ended. So, without further ado, what follows is the only truly logical ending that film could have had. Enjoy.

We pick up where Spock and Kirk have beamed aboard the Nerada and are engaged in a phaser fight with the Romulans. Kirk and Spock fight their way to the hangar where Spock's ship is, and they split up. Everything for Spock continues to happen just as it did in the original cut of the film. The changes happen when Kirk finds Nero. Nero is not alone, instead he has a captive Spock kneeling at his feet. Nero laments that they younger Spock was not the one who came to find him. He explains to Kirk that not long after he and Scotty had beamed off of Delta Vega, Nero returned, killed Keenser and took Spock Prime prisoner to witness the death of his younger self and the destruction of his old ship, the Enterprise. Kirk pleads with Nero to let the elder Vulcan go. Kirk charges Nero and the fight with Nero plays out as it did before with Kirk taking Nero's disruptor and then Nero retreating, leaving his prisoner behind. Kirk phasers the Romulan shackles off of Spock Prime and helps him to his feet. Spock Prime and Kirk go together to rescue Captain Pike. While they are rescuing Pike, another battle ensues in the halls. Spock Prime tells Kirk to get Pike to safety. Kirk tries to protest but Spock Prime tells him that it is logical this way. He points out that Pike can not walk on his own and only Kirk has the strength and energy to get him to safety. Kirk gives Spock his phaser and Spock begins to fight off the Romulans as Kirk and Pike make their escape. This is the last time we see Spock Prime, he has fallen in battle saving his former Captains. From here the movie resumes with its original climax and ending.

The point of making the change to the ending is simple: Spock Prime can not be allowed to live. With the continuity as it currently stands, Spock acts extremely out of character by not commandeering the Enterprise and preventing Nero from making any changes to the timeline. This man has the computations for time warp committed to memory. There is no way he would allow a changed timeline, especially one where everyone's lives are WORSE off than in the original timeline, to exist. He would be compelled to fix it, and for the alternate continuity to continue to exist, which was the entire point of making the movie, Spock Prime can not be alive at the end of it. Unfortunately this eliminates the scene where Nimoy and Quinto played that wonderful scene together, but it makes the entire movie's existence valid, whereas the way the original ending left it, it has no validation at all. There were many things that need forgiven to truly enjoy this movie, but this is the one thing that has always bothered me the most. Spock Prime should never have been allowed to see the end of this movie.


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