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A new Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer was just released today!!! That's right people, ANOTHER TRAILER! If you thought the previous trailers were good, wait until you see this one! It has everything we could ever want plus more! This trailer is comprised of almost entirely new clips from the film that offer us an incredible two minutes of superhero epicness! Are you tired of reading me babbling about it? Then watch it right here!

Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer #3!

The Breakdown!

O.k., so Marvel crammed a lot of goodies into two minutes and eighteen seconds worth of Avengers awesomeness. I personally watched the trailer at least five times in a row after I first saw, dissecting it for every ounce of detail I could find. Well, let's just say that I found a lot and I am going to share with you my analysis of the new trailer.

The Beginning

This beautiful little village seems important!

This beautiful little village seems important!

So every Age of Ultron trailer thus far has shown us different shots of a village secluded in the mountains. Why is this village important you ask? Well, from other trailer clips, we can conclude that this village is close to Baron Von Strucker's Hydra Base.

Exhibit A.

It's pretty obvious that Strucker's base and the village are close by each other. But the question still remains, why is the village important to show us? I believe that the village we see is home to none other than Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I have some good reasons to think this, but I'll save those theories for another article. Anyway, it has been safely assumed that the beginning of the movie will feature the Avengers infiltrating this base and battling Hydra forces. What will their goal be?

Loki's Scepter

Tony like shiny metal stick!

We know, thanks to the after credits of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, that Von Strucker is in possession of Loki's Scepter from the first Avengers movie. We also know that Von Strucker is in control of the Maximoff twins and that they are his "volunteers". We still aren't exactly sure what Von Strucker has been doing to Wanda and Pietro, but we can infer he has experimented on them to say the least (Possibly with Loki's Scepter?). So there are some battles between Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Hydra. To no one's surprise, the good guys win and go back to their new home to celebrate. Wow, that was a good transition to my next topic.

Avenger's Tower

Talk about a remodeling renovation!
Talk about a remodelling renovation!

The new headquarters for our heroes will be prominently featured in the upcoming blockbuster. Not only is it the base for the Avengers, but also the metaphorical playground for Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.

Is this were Tony will create Ultron?
Is this were Tony will create Ultron?

At the end of Iron Man 3, we saw Tony throw away his arc reactor and we were left with the feeling that maybe it's time for Tony to withdraw from being Iron Man. Stark also destroyed most of his Iron Man suits. Combine that with his desire to retire and it leaves Tony with a lot of free time. Would that be enough free time to create an artificial intelligence to help protect the world? It certainly looks that way. Unfortunately for our favorite billionaire, that won't be the case.

A Suit of Armor for the World


In this trailer, Stark is heard saying, "I tried to create a suit of armor around the world, but I created something terrible." That might be the understatement of the year folks! Honestly, there is too much evil in the world for six heroes to battle. Stark knows this and develops the Ultron Program. Now this artificial intelligence was designed for good, but obviously turns bad.

Enter Ultron

Even AI's get Headaches!

The trailer opens with a beautiful speech from Ultron. "I was designed to save the world. People would look to the sky and see hope. I'll take that from them first." Ultron has one heck of a vendetta against humanity. But why, you ask? Only the movie will tell! However, Ultron won't be the only one that has a mean streak aimed towards Tony.

The Seeds of Civil War

Hey Tony, can you not screw up for once?
Hey Tony, can you not scre up for once ?

The seeds of the coming Civil War will be sewn in Age of Ultron. In the trailer, Cap makes it known that he is fed up with Tony and his self centered egotistical self. Tony thinks that he knows everything and that he has the perfect solution for everything. Cap knows otherwise and he isn't going to sit by any longer and let Stark's shenanigans run wild. A line has to be drawn, but this line might come too late.

"I'm sick of watching people pay for our mistakes."
Cap isn't the only one mad at Tony.

Cap isn't the only one mad at Tony.

Why in the world is Thor choking Tony? The God of Thunder seems like the type that would get along with everybody! You would have to seriously take things to an emotional and personal level with Thor for him to get this mad. What could Tony have done? (Maybe Ultron somehow kills Jane Foster and this sends Thor into a spiraling tornado of rage as he blames Stark for the loss of his girlfriend!)

Things Will Get Hectic

So many robots!
So many robots!

Ultron's main goal is human extinction. He will do anything to accomplish this, even if it means unleashing a giant robot clone army. If you thought the Battle of New York was chaotic, you ain't seen nothing yet. Joss Whedon repeatedly informs us this movie will center around death and destruction. By the looks of things in this trailer, he wasn't kidding!

Ultron will tear the Avengers apart.
Ultron will tear the Avengers apart.

Not only does Ultron look to demolish all human life, but he also looks to unleash his deadly wrath upon our favorite heroes.

Captain America throws his mighty shield...
Captain America throws his mighty shield...

But Ultron chose to oppose and he didn't have to yield.

But Cap must yield to Ultron!
But Cap must yield to Ultron!

Ultron seems invincible in this trailer. The Avengers sure have their work cut out for them.

Feel my wrath Avengers!

As we know, Ultron plans to destroy the Avengers from the "inside". So that can only mean one thing....


Hulk smash puny Iron Man!

One of the most exciting things about the new movie will be the brutal battle between Iron Man and Hulk. Nobody knows why exactly the Science Bros will go toe to toe, but all bets point to Ultron (or Scarlet Witch!). Amazing, another great lead in for another topic!

Scarlet Witch Will Mess You Up!

Talk about red in your ledger Natasha!

A pretty incredible shot we saw in the trailer was that of the Scarlet Witch using her mind control powers on the Black Widow. Now, there are a lot of questions raised by this picture. What exactly is Scarlet Witch doing to Natasha? Is it mind control? Is Scarlet Witch giving her a vision? But Wanda isn't the only one who will cause the Avengers trouble....

Down Goes Cap!!!

What a haymaker from Quicksilver!

Quicksilver also gets his shot at the Avengers, more specifically an intense super fast sucker punch to Captain America's face. That's gotta hurt! I can't wait to see this scene.

Can The Avengers Stop Ultron?!

They can't even stop his army!

The Avengers definitely have a mouthful to swallow. Not only is Ultron unstoppable , but so is his robot army! This new trailer surely gives us a taste of the chaos and destruction that Ultron will unleash on Earth's Mightiest Heroes. But that's not all it shows us. Here are a few shots that sure caught my eye! (And the should've caught your eyes also!)

Klaw's Claws!

No its not Wolverine guys. Sorry!

At first I thought the same exact thing that everyone one of you first thought. Wolverine in Age of Ultron! Sadly, Fox still owns the X-Men and Wolverine isn't in this movie. What we do see os a beautiful shot of Ulysses Klaw and his..... claw! Remember, we'v'e seen Andy Serkis before in previous trailers and we seem him again! But, this shot wasn't the most exciting.


I had a Vision.....

Finally, we have our first official look at the Vision in the movie! We've seen leaked concept art and promotional images of the android, but now we actually see him brought to life! I was already in a wave of excitement having seen the trailer, but after seeing this at the end, I WAS BEYOND ECSTATIC! Marvel has done a fantastic job of visualizing the Vision (Yes, that pun was intended!). This depiction of the future Avenger is beyond perfect! Seeing the Vision on the big screen is going to be one the biggest highlights of the film and I CANNOT WAIT! What about you?

Does the new trailer have you hyped? Well, it should! Avengers: Age of Ultron opens on May!


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