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After the amazing fight by Batman and Superman, Superman would have been called to the white house( Instead of being at the funeral ) here's my alternative ending to Dark Knight returns part 2 !

“ Superman, you have done this country a great deed by finally taking out the Bat, he was nothing but trouble leaving a trail of blood wherever he passed, you have done us a great service. Thank you. “ Mr. President said, showering Superman with worlds of condolences he sat in the comfort of his chair, his lips meeting the soft rim of his cool black coffee mug. Supermans he hung, he found himself caught in a dilemma and couldn't help but wonder if his choice was the wrong choice. Superman stood but his head remained low, he gave the President a weakened smile. “ Anything to keep this Country safe,sir.” The President gave off a slight nod ,“yes. indeed.” The President quickly turned his chair; Superman remained standing face to face with the back of his chair. “ Justice is served … that is what you want to hear right ? Clark. “ The President added. Superman lifted a brow, “ Sir ? “

“ Superman has saved the day once again, willing to do anything to ensure the safety of his heroic reputation. That is all it is to you, right Clark ? A rep. “ The President added his voice somewhat off. “ I don’t understand sir. “ Superman said softly once again unsure what had came upon the president. “ Then let me make it clearer for you Clark, If you've proven anything .. it would be that you're no man, no not at all you're just a heartless freak- a tool ( long pause)... a weapon. “ The President quickly turned. Superman's eyes widened, “ How does it feel Clark.. to kill one of your closest and only friend.. for your greatest enemy. “ Then he said it, sitting in that seat before Clark had been Lex Luthor. It would seem as if he had been the one calling the shots all along, using the presidents image to his discretion.” Lex?!..Where is the President ?!” Superman a bit frustrated, balled up his hands ready to strike his long time enemy.

“ Somewhere..” Lex added, Superman's eyes darkened. It was as if all that was left of humanity had poured from his gaze, Superman caught a firm grasp of his collar holding him up.” Nuh uh uh “ Lex would have softly said, the guards would have barged into the room, Kryptonite in one of their grasp. Superman felt his legs weaken his body growing heavy, it soon became difficult to breathe. Superman fell at the feet of Lex, Lex fixed his collar and tie quickly punting him back.

“ All of them are gone.. all.. and now to end it all here. “ Lex softly said reaching for a pistol narrowing at the forehead of Clark. This pistol was loaded with Kryptonite filled bullets; right as Lex was about to finish what he came here to do. One of the guards jumped and grabbed Lex’s wrist. The bullet fire but missed Clark entirely. The guards, shades would have fallen revealing Bruce Wayne. Bruce, would have snapped Lex wrist. Quickly, using the gun to shoot the Kryptonite in the grasp of one of the guard.

Superman quickly got up his energy burning through him once again. “ He’s yours ! “ Bruce quickly leapt from Lex to the guards. Taking them down one by one, Supermans grasp caught Lex again. “ You fool, you’ve already lost ! theres nothing you can do to me that I can't do ten times worst to you ! “ Superman remained silent.

Bruce was caught in combat with each and everyone of the guards. They all kept flooding in, Bruce was proficient with his ability to take out each and every one of them. Soon as Bruce was done with his last man he turned to look for Clark. Superman remained, standing tall Lex laid across his arms. “ Clark ? “ Bruce softly said unaware of where his friends mindset was. Clark turned to his friend Bruce, his eyes a blazing red. “... What did you do ? “ Bruce would have softly questioned. Superman quickly escaped through the ceiling leaving nothing behind but a blur, Lex body remained on the desk. Bruce would have slowly made his way to Lex’s body, there on that desk would be the lifeless Lex Luthor, his eyes burned though. Bruce would have clenched his fist turning his gaze to the hole left by Superman.

“ Clark… “

I thought this would have been a great ending because in Part 1 Batman ended up losing Joker his enemy to death. So, I thought it would be cool to do the same for Superman in part two, leaving those two to both take their enemies place. This could lead to a part 3 being somewhat an injustice type film. That's my ending hope you enjoyed !


What did you think ?!


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