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I was 6 years old. Me and my Grandmother were going to the movie theater to see Spider-Man. I was super excited! Spider-Man was already my favorite superhero, so seeing him in a movie was sure to be epic! We went inside, sat down, and watched the movie. And, as expected, IT WAS SO GREAT! I remember walking out of that theater absolutely mesmerized by what I had just seen!

The next day, my dad had come back from work and asked me if I wanted to go see...Spider-Man 2. He knew I was a bug fan of Spider-Man and wanted to take me to see it, but he didn't know I had already gone to see it. I didn't even know he wanted to see that movie. See, my father wasn't really a movie buff. Sure he'd see a movie here or there, but most of them were at home, he would rarely go to the theaters. But, being six years old and huge fan of the movie theaters, I accepted his offer, and neglected to tell him I'd already seen it. Hey, I was six, don't judge me.

Anyway, I saw the film AGAIN, this time with my dad. And it was the greatest decision I'd ever made! Not just because the film was even better the second time, but that was the first of many movies me and my dad would see, that would turn us into unofficial film critics! From then on, we would see movies, talk about them on the ride there and the ride back, and talk about the people in them and how we expect the movie to turn out. Thanks to my dad and our "car critiques", I soon became a bit of a movie...well not expert...but I was getting there! It helped me realize what I want to do, and what media medium I want to be in!

So thank you Spider-Man, for making me realize my career and getting my dad to help and support it!

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