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In part one of my Venom plot, it was made clear that a few of you were confused. I read over a bit more, and realized a few reasons why you were confused. The opening bit, with Venom engulfing the female, was a flashback. The part afterwards, with the Venom/Spider-Man battle, was just a few months, if not days after that. In the jail, Flash was talking about.. You'll find out. And the certain Osborn was Harry, by the way. If you guys have any questions on this part, or the last one, just tell me. I'll explain it was best as I can. I think from now on, when it's a flashback, I'll mark it with a *.

Where we left off, Flash was running to a meeting point. All the while, inmate 'CK' is being tortured. Well, not tortured, but it was torture for him. He was tied down, and when the alarm went off, he tried to convince the guards to check it out. They didn't budge. A door was burst open, and in came a few inmates, though there was one in particular- Doctor Otto Octavius. Along with a few other people.. Why was there a guard fighting other guards? What was going on? After all the guards were knocked out, that one specific guard.. Pulled off his face? No, it was a mask- The Chameleon. But he wasn't the only super-powered being there.. An old buzzard, who went by the name of Adrian Toomes was there.. And so was that one rich kid, what was his name? Harry? Yeah, Harry Osborn.. And a large reptilian creature.. What was that thing? Cletus gave a kooky laugh.

Flash Thompson reached the meeting point, though he had to evade a few guards to get there. He rubbed his hands together. Getting framed for a murder he didn't do? Well.. Someone had to pay.

*Spider-Man 'thwiped' home, and took off his mask. He was mad. How did that thing almost beat him? And more specifically, what was it? He felt like.. He had a bond with it. It was almost like it knew him.. This was weird. Peter searched the internet for anything that could aid him, to see if the police knew what this thing was.. All he saw was a bunch of missing people reports. Well, now he knew what happened to them. Peter then went to sleep, an ominous shadow watching him from afar. He was wearing a hoodie, and you could see the obvious grin on his lips. He knew Peter Parker's secret. He knew that he wanted Parker dead. And he knew just how to do it. Most spiders have venom.. This time, the Venom had a spider. Right where he wanted it.

Okay then, depending on how this part does, I may actually make this plot longer. I'm not sure if just 3 parts is enough to contain all the ideas I have.


Are you guys liking the plot so far? Confused?


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