ByTansheet Ali Taj, writer at
Depth Matters More than Length.
Tansheet Ali Taj

This Universe is a huge place for DC and Marvel Super Heroes / Villains. Most of the Superheroes and Villains are aged so much that they are dying. Also DC and Marvel Creators are out of ideas for new super heroes/villains stuff that's why they are bringing their children by mixing their super-powers to make new superheroes/villains.

Therefore, I suggest to writers and developers to come up with something new, make a new League of Super heroes/villains. As we all know, the term 'Superhero' is registered by both DC and Marvel Companies. I think we should come up with new name also; like warriors, protectors, angels, destroyers, crushers, etc.

The New League should be new, not only name-wise but also with regards to its theme and its message to viewers and fans of Superhero/Villain Stuff.


What you think? Should there be a new Super League?


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