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We got a dark and gritty Joker back in 2008 after Heath Ledgers stupendous performance as the clown prince of crime. It seems now that we might be getting a Joker that not only will be dark but also be comedic. According to an inside source from Hollywood Life this will be a very cerebral and comedic Joker.

Jared wants to make sure his Joker is not only something the fans will love, but he doesn’t want to step on the toes of Jack Nicholson or Heath Ledger he wants to make the character completely his own he knows that this role may be his most difficult ever, but he is confident that he will make his version of the Joker the best. This Joker will be more cerebral and comedic than what we have seen before, nobody should expect a copycat version. It’s going to be awesome

To me the way The Joker is being described here sounds a a lot like Arkham Joker which is absolutely perfect. I love the way Joker is respecting the previous Jokers and how dedicated he is being to this role. I cannot wait till we get a full Joker reveal but when exactly would be the right time to have this tease? We discuss this in our latest Nerd Round Table segment and were on Episode 2! Make sure you guys subscribe to us for our Weekly round table. Theres more fun stuff to the channel so make sure youre subscribed for daily feeds!

Are you excited for this new Joker which might be according to some the best on yet! Oh Jared stop teasing us so much because Comic Con is still a long way to go!


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