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Anthony Jr Decimus

The movie I’m interested in making an alternative ending for now is Hulk vs, specifically Hulk vs Wolverine. I was thinking what if DEADPOOL -


….. I wasn’t finished…

Deadpool: “ Say no more my number one fan the name Deadpool is the key to your victory. “

Number one fan ? but I think Deathstrokes cooler !

Deadpool: Why you-

Anyways,I thought Deadpool was pretty much jacked around in this movie, and Deadpool is a lovable character who deserved more in the movie then what he was given.

Deadpool: “ And may the church say Amen ! “

I was thinking at the clip where Wolverine and Hulk are in the midst of clashing in mid air before the credits, the scene could be forced to rewind fast; so fast that the whole scene would begin to burn, The screen would then fade to black revealing Deadpool in the studio room where the film originated from, blood would have been everywhere. Deadpool standing over the script, Liam Neeson held at gun point. “ Alright Liam , read this in your godly Deadpool voice. “ Deadpool commanded, Liam gave off a slight nod, “ Hey Im Deadpool, and I'm the best at what I do.. and that is dressing up as my favorite Superheroine looking at pictures at myself while saying make love to me. “ Deadpool the bad ass of all bad asses would have been standing in the midst of the wreckage the Hulk created, his eyes met Hulk and Wolverine.

Deadpool:” Thats right ! your favorite neighborhood Deadpool flipped the script.I stood eight feet tall with more muscles than that over grown smurf ! “

Smurfs are blue…

Deadpool: “ Duhh ! pssh and I'm the idiot”

… Anyways, Deadpool quickly teleported between the two firing rounds straight into the center of their skull. Wolverine and Hulk would have both fallen flat on there back. Deadpool teleported over Hulk, catching a firm grasp around his ankles. “ DEADPOOL SMASH !” Deadpool quickly shouted before dragging Hulk through the green scenery slamming him side to side back and forth keeping his grasp around his ankle firm and tight. Wolverine stood up his growl dark and menacing. He would have charged at Deadpool, quickly attempting to slice at Deadpools neck. But, to his surprise forks would have left his knuckles instead,

Deadpool: ”Thats right FORKS ! PLASTIC FORKS ! “

Deadpool smiled as the forks bended at his chest. Wolverine too lost for words to do or say anything, “ Kame … your a… Stupidface ! “ Deadpool shouted before punting Wolverine into midair.Only, to have teleported above him, turning him to face Deadpool where they’d both be falling. Deadpool, continuously slapping the lights out of Wolverine. “ AM I GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU YET ?! HUH ?! TELL ME IM PRETTY ! “ Deadpool shouted slapping him continuously just until they fell. Deadpool lifted himself to his feet, his neck slightly bent. Deadpool quickly caught grasp of both sides of his head positioning it correctly, Hulk quickly gotten back up to his feet, “ HULK SMASH “ Hulk quickly bended at his legs. Attempting to jump up, but he would have fallen flat on his face. Hulks legs would have been missing. Deadpool held the script in his grasp. “... Hulk would quickly bend at his legs just until his legs had suddenly disappeared BINGO ! yeah that sounds about right ! “ Deadpool placed the script back in his pants. Deadpool turned his gaze to the the screen, “ Kids don’t try this at home… viewers discretion advised. “ Deadpool slammed his foot onto the skull of the hulk. Pulling his foot out he did it again and again and AGAIN ! just until all that was left of Hulks skull was under his boot.

Deadpool quickly threw Hulks body on top of Logans and stood on top of them both. “ Oh ! Deadpool you’re the best ! “ Domino and Psyclock would have shouted both grabbing an arm of Deadpool. They both leaned in kissing his cheeks, “ Aw chucks ladies…. and THATS HOW YOU END A MOVIE PEOPLE ! “ The background showered in explosions. Only, to have soon be replaced by an american flag. A remix of the national anthem playing to enforce Deadpools victory.

Deadpool: “ So beautiful.. such a masterpiece. “

The credits roll screen fade to Black. Deadpool has awoken realizing it was all a dream.

Deadpool: " DOH ! "


What did you think ?


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