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Worst ending ever

As we all know, those deaths were not the right way to end a Spidey film (unless they plan on adding more to it in another one) As we review the end of the film, let me show you guys how I would have ended it.

1. The Death of Harry Osborn

Ok , I get the dramatic effect but c'mon!! Spiderman has spider sense and reflexes!! Why would he need help?!!

2. The Death of Venom

Once again, bad idea! Seriously! He's my favorite spider-man villain!

My Proposal Ending

As Spidey is tied up, harry rushes in full speed to save his friend. Venom leaps at our temporary hero and smacks him off of his glider, like before; but with extra force in a different direction: towards the edge of the building! He clings for dear life as venom rushes to finish the job. Spidey rips his arms free and swings in towards the unsuspecting predator, hitting him back into the same scene, but this time aided by harry who throws the bomb, while peter snatches Eddie from the scene.. Eddie is arrested, Sandman's daughter returned, and eventually heals - thanks to a generous oscorp donation, and mj accepts peter's the midst of a bachelor party, rhino is spotted, and our two heroes rush into action!!

Finally, the dramatic ending!: the scene switches to an insane asylum where eddie smiles in his straight jacket, as the symbiote returns to his face...

End credits


So what do you guys think?


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