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I've been non-stop inspired this past week to do fancasts for all my favorite book series!

This next series I'll be doing is the Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent.

My mother became very aware that I was a book lover pretty early on and started taking me to the library practically every other week. This series was one I stumbled upon in the library and thought it would be interesting to read. It was a beautiful mistake - I'm so completely obsessed with this series!

In case you haven't read my other articles, here's a little bit about me and what this article will entail. I'm into obscure fandoms, mostly book series, and I don't get offended easily so feel free to blast any of my choices! It should be stated that, in the real world, I have a terrible potty mouth but I try not to curse in my articles.

I've looked everywhere I could think of and I don't believe the movie rights have been optioned, but I'll be making this article under the impression that it'll be turned into a series of movies. I'll be using all the important/recurring characters from the series, not just the first novel.

For those who aren't aware, this is the first's book synopsis taken from

She doesn't see dead people, but…
She senses when someone near her is about to die. And when that happens, a force beyond her control compels her to scream bloody murder. Literally.
Kaylee just wants to enjoy having caught the attention of the hottest guy in school. But a normal date is hard to come by when Nash seems to know more about her need to scream than she does. And when classmates start dropping dead for no apparent reason, only Kaylee knows who'll be next…

That's it, so let's get started on our beloved main character


Kaylee Cavanaugh starts the series not knowing she isn't human. She finds out, with a bit of help, that she's a bean sidhe - banshee, to us 'Murricans. Kaylee's brave to a fault and takes it upon herself in every novel to help people/herself when needed.

I've chosen Odeya Rush

Known for Odd Life of Timothy Green, the Giver
Known for Odd Life of Timothy Green, the Giver

When I sat down to think of young women to play Kaylee, I was trying to think a bit more obvious with the Irish-descendant description. But Kaylee's actual character description is brown hair and blue eyes, which apparently isn't easy to come by around Odeya's age. Odeya hasn't done much yet, but what she has done has caught the eye of many - including me. I think she'd be a perfect Kaylee! :)

For Kaylee's love interest Nash;

Nash is the older, hottest jock in school bad boy. He plays football and baseball, who is also friends with everyone. At first glance, it looks like Nash is like every other jock but we come to find he's very sensitive and caring with a bit of common sense.

I've chosen Brenton Thwaites

Known for the Giver, Maleficent, Oculus
Known for the Giver, Maleficent, Oculus

I'll admit, part of the reason I've chosen Brenton is because of his chemistry on-screen with Odeya, made obvious in The Giver. Beside that, I think he's very talented and cute, which would lend itself to being Nash.

For the ever mysterious Tod;

Tod is a reaper. No, no, no - not the reaper, just one of many, many reapers in the whole world. He's sarcastic and very egotistical, with looks to match. He died at around seventeen and helps Kaylee in the first novel figure out the main issue.

I've chosen - no one. Hear me out; Tod is such a complex/specific character that I think, in my oh so humble opinion, that there should be a brand-spanking-new actor.

Next up, Kaylee's best friend Emma;

Emma Marshall is the bubbly, dramatic best friend of Kaylee. She's had very good looks since forever and Kaylee is the only one who isn't completely bitchy-envious of Emma's looks. Emma and Kaylee stuck together and have told each other everything - including Kaylee's not-so-human heritage.

I've chosen Dove Cameron

Known for Disney's Liv and Maddie & Cloud 9
Known for Disney's Liv and Maddie & Cloud 9

Is it obvious yet that I'm, like, in love with Dove Cameron?! I think she's gorgeous and perfect and, even more specifically, perfect for Emma. She's practically playing Emma already on the Disney show Liv and Maddie. I feel like if I keep trying to explain why I chose her, I'll just go on a rant about how wonderful I think she is, so. Moving on.

Continuing on will be Kaylee's cousin Sophie;

Kaylee ends up living with her Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin when her father can't raise her. Sophie and Kaylee happen to be complete opposites - Kaylee is a lot more laid back about everything, while Sophie can't leave the house without makeup and her hair done. Sophie dances for her school and she's very stuck up.

I've chosen Gabriella Wilde

Known for Endless Love, Carrie
Known for Endless Love, Carrie

I know in the novels, it's explicitly stated that Sophie is a little over a year younger than Kaylee. Honestly, I wouldn't mind switching up my choices for Emma and Sophie because I think both actresses are beautiful and talented, and if it helped to have the younger of the two (Dove) play the younger character, I wouldn't care at all. Besides all that, Gabriella is a wonderful actress and should have a part somewhere in a Young Adult movie.

For Kaylee's father Aiden;

Aiden lost his wife when Kaylee was three in a car accident. It destroyed him - he ended up leaving Kaylee to be raised by his brother when it became too much to look at Kaylee without seeing his wife. In the first novel, My Soul to Take, Aiden comes back to Kaylee after living in Ireland and tries to raise her the best he can. Kaylee and Aiden are much alike.

I've chosen Gerard Butler

Known for 300, the Ugly Truth, Phantom of the Opera
Known for 300, the Ugly Truth, Phantom of the Opera

Firstly, Gerard Butler is a hottie and extremely talented actor. Mostly, the reason I chose him is for his origins in Scotland - both Irish and Scottish cultures have a lot in common and I think he'd do well as Aiden. He seems to do well with ensemble casts and in Chasing Mavericks, he did well with younger actors.

Up next is Kaylee's uncle, and Aiden's brother, Brendon;

Brendon is Aiden's younger brother, though don't let a banshee's age fool you. Brendon may look just old enough to have a fifteen year old, but he's well over 115 years old. That gives him a lot of experience and a humorous outlook on life. He's very laid back, which is where I'm sure Kaylee got it, and just goes with the flow of life.

I've chosen Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Known for Dracula (Series), The Tudors, Alexander
Known for Dracula (Series), The Tudors, Alexander

I literally googled Irish actors so I could compare all of them to Gerard Butler. I had some ideas beforehand of who I thought could play Brendon then realized I wasn't visualizing him right at all. So when I stumbled upon Jonathan, I thought he was perfect. Brendon's been living in the States for quite some time so his Irish accent would be almost gone, like Jonathan's. While all I've really seen Jonathan play is 'villians', I think he would be perfect for the easy-going Brendon.

Continuing the trend with the adults here, Nash's mother Harmony;

Harmony is even younger than Aiden and Brendon (just past mid-eighties!) and looks like it. From Kaylee's point-of-view in the novels, Harmony doesn't look like she would have any kids, let alone a near-eighteen year old. She's a gentle person, a nurse, and is kind of a stereotypical mother - she bakes, cleans, etc. but does it all on her own as her husband passed away in an accident two years prior to the beginning of the novel.

I've chosen Izabella Miko

Known for the Cape, Clash o the Titans, Coyote Ugly
Known for the Cape, Clash o the Titans, Coyote Ugly

When I saw Izabella, I thought 'she looks quite young for Val/Harmony' and went to scroll right past her name. But something stopped me and I scribbled her name down on a piece of paper. Reflecting on my final choices for my cast, I remembered her name and seeing her in Coyote Ugly and thought, Harmony is supposed to look a bit on the younger side - like an older sister of Nash's, not his mother. I suddenly fell in love; thus .

Can't forget Kaylee's aunt, and Brendon's wife/Sophie's mother, Val;

Aunt Val, unbeknownst to us in the beginning, is aware that her husband (Brendon) doesn't age like us mere mortals and is trying her hardest to make herself appear as young as her husband. She works out vigorously and eats very healthy so as to keep up/maintain her physique. She's still very nice and nurturing to Sophie and Kaylee.

I've chosen Kate Hudson

Known for Bride Wars, Fool's Gold, Raising Helen
Known for Bride Wars, Fool's Gold, Raising Helen

Kate Hudson has got a killer bod. She works out religiously and it shows. I think she has the elegance to play a women who wished herself younger, yet still looks fantastic. In Raising Helen, she played the mother figure well and I know she could play Val wonderfully.

Next up is the series antagonist, Avari;

Avari, or Avarice to his Netherworld companions, is a hellion of greed. Kaylee has to cross paths with Avari in the second novel and he becomes fixated on her every move. He takes what he wants when he wants it and has the means to get it. He's stated to have powers kind of like ice in the novel, being able to get so upset that things freeze over.

I've chosen Tom Hiddleston

Known for the Avengers, Thor, War Horse
Known for the Avengers, Thor, War Horse

Besides the fact that Loki from The Avengers is literally Avari, I'm in love with Tom Hiddleston. He's such a genuinely nice person. While trying to find a menacing picture of him on the internet for this, I came up empty. He's always smiling, but he can turn on the 'evil' really quickly and really well.

For an important character that comes up later in the series, Sabine;

Sabine is Nash's not-so-ex girlfriend who is literally from your nightmares. She's very blunt with a sarcastic streak. She's a mara, which is basically Latin for nightmare and her powers reflect that - she takes peoples' fears and weaves them into nightmares, then feeds on the energy released from such a dream. She was put up for adoption as a baby in result of her heritage and has learned to take what she wants when she wants it.

I've chosen Isabelle Fuhrman

Known for Orphan, Hunger Games
Known for Orphan, Hunger Games

Isabelle's performance in Orphan is literally the reason I chose her.
Watch the movie.
Read Sabine's description.
Agree with my choice.
Carry on.

For another important character who pops up later, Addison;

Addison Page is literally every cliche you can think of; when she was a bit younger, she wanted to be a pop star. So what does a pop star do in a sci-fi young adult novel? She sold her sold for fame. She became the biggest teen on Dekker Media (Disney), with her own record deal, TV show, and merch line. Later into the second novel, after we meet her, she shows her true colors which are a small town girl with big dreams who doesn't know what she's doing.

I've chosen Perrie Edwards

Known for British group Little Mix
Known for British group Little Mix

Perrie is from British girl group Little Mix, winner's of 2011's X-Factor. I think, not only does she have the ability to do the singing bit for Addison, but she has the looks and the potential to do the performance bit for Addison.

Check out Little Mix's song Wings and you'll see what I mean about her singing.

(I'm making a trend here and I don't even know why - lol).
For another important character that rears his head later in the series, Alec;

Alec was trapped in the Netherworld for 26 years and was freed by Kaylee. While in the Netherworld, because time works differently there, Alec barely aged. Alec's a bit reserved after being trapped in essentially hell for so long, but he's very wise and kind to Kaylee and her friends.

I've chosen Michael B. Jordan

Known for That Awkward Moment, Fantastic Four
Known for That Awkward Moment, Fantastic Four

I had to pick someone who was older than our main cast but could still reasonably look like Kaylee could crush on him without it being too awkward. (Not that Kaylee's crushing on him. Just the potential for crushing.) I think Michael is so incredibly talented and could play Alec beautifully.

The last character I feel is important to the storyline, Levi;

Levi is another reaper, but not just any reaper. Think of the reaper job like a police department - there's a Sheriff then his deputy's in a single county. Levi's the Sheriff reaper of the town in Texas where Kaylee and her friends reside. He's Tod's boss and also has happened to die when he was about 8 years old. Kaylee thinks he's probably the creepiest thing she'll ever encounter; though Levi may have died when he was eight, he's been a reaper for over 200 years.

I've chosen... my, my. I honestly should just remove Levi and Tod from my list. I can't for the life of me think of anyone in the business who could play either of these characters. Levi, in particular, because he's so young should be a new actor.

Okay, there's a ton more characters that could be cast at this point but these characters are not only the important ones but my favorite, so. lol. If you have any suggestions for replacements or for characters unmentioned, feel free to comment below!


Which casting choice was your favorite?


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