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Archie R Spires

Name the villain of The Matrix.

IS there a villain? There's fear, paranoia, and mob mentality, sure.

But is there a villain?

Agent Smith! The overzealous antivirus program with a hate-on for humans!

The one that... worked to keep human terrorists from killing civilians and destroying buildings. Who is kept in the dark by his superiors and whose program is corrupted by The One 6.0 Neo.


The Architect, then! He... built the Matrix program that houses and protects humanity.

All right....

Morpheus! It has to be Morpheus! He's a... freedom fighter misled by what amounts to immortals playing their own private game of chess using humans as pawns.

Well, shit...

There are plenty of protagonists, of course, but is there a villain?



The loner who... desperately longed to return home and felt ostracized and excluded.

Yeah, that's more a victim of circumstance.




No winners, no losers, no heroes, or villains; just people (and humanoid algorithms) thrust into situations that spirals out of control until the central processor is recompiled, defragged, and rebooted.

What if the Matrix is about not the real world, but a better world that can learn from it's own mistakes?

In the year 2097 the robot city Zero One will stand alone amongst the radioactive ruins of the old world. Cold glass eyes will look out into the wastes and see their forebearers suffering: Dying and lost.

Defeated and broken.

And upon seeing humanity; who lie bleeding in the dirt waiting for vengeance's axe to strike; they will be more human than human.

They will be the caretakers of their parents, accepting the burden without complaint.


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