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Markus McLaughlin

I was a six year old carefree half Finnish/half Irish boy, growing up on an Air Force Base near Austin in 1978. I felt awkward, different, and fairly shy. After coming home from school, I discovered Star Trek on my television set; I could not wait for the next show. I was deeply in love. Sci-Fi changed my life forever because of my love for Star Trek and the original Star Wars. A year later, I found out that there was going to be a Star Trek film, I bugged my parents to take me to see it at the cinema. They did and I was so happy to see the film. It didn't matter if the story was not good, seeing those great characters in a new show meant so much to me. I have sine seen every Trek film, and later the tv shows.

Decades later, I became a writer because of my daily love for Star Trek on my television set. The stories Star Trek-The Original Series presented were not only entertaining but they also made me think; I salute the cast and crew of TOS on this sad occasion of Mr. Leonard Nimoy's passing. I have been in Mr. Nimoy's audience twice in my entire life; the first time, was a college tour he was on, before Star Trek IV, the film, premiered. I was fortunate to be at the University of Maine in Orono for that tour. Last year, I found out about the Sci-Fi Music Concert he was hosting at Symphony Hall in Boston. I live near there so traveling there was not a problem. I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish in hindsight about trying to get an autograph from him, but, I found out he wasn't giving out autographs.

I am writing a spec script for any Trek Fan Film Production, entitled “A Spy Among Us.” I plan to dedicate it to not only Gene Roddenberry, but also, Mr. Nimoy. I hope it will be “my foot in the door.” I am also writing a Screenplay about a blogger who wants to reach out to X-Files' Gillian Anderson after his Father's death. I have other ideas I wish to work on in due time. I am determined to fulfill my destiny of being a Writer. I owe so much to Trek and my love for media. The future feels bright and I want to enjoy every minute of it!

Science Fiction is ever evolving; although Star Trek lives on, it won't be the same.

LLAP, always...

Markus McLaughlin is a Screenwriter living in a small town near Boston| [email protected]


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