ByDavid Sadowski, writer at

Hey I'm David you can call me dave I'm new to MP and this is my first review. Also spoilers ahead.That being said Unfinished business another movie where Vince vaughn plays a businessman who is shortchanged on his recent sale he along with two other co workers Tim and Mike (played by Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco) in this new venture. Together they embark on a series of misadventure through germany. Sounds like a fun premise but ends up falling a little short. There are a lot of funny moments but mostly cringe worthy moments that take up most of the film. For example Mike's last name is Pancake if that doesn't get you laughing he also mildly autistic who lives in a group home. Theres also a scene where Dan (vaughns character) where he uses a bathroom at a gay bar and it has gloryholes you can see where this is going. There are some funny moments where Dan gets a room at a hotel which also doubles as a museum and he is the exhibit called American business man 42 and a scene where Tim is involved in a pillow fight while on ecstasy. Meanwhile there's a subplot of Dans kids being bullied which is rarely addressed. This movie has its moments but for the most part is a cringe worthy but I can't say no to Vince vaughns everyman appeal he's just the kind of guy who you just want to hang out with. Dave Franco seemed very lost in what his motivation was and Tom well tom was the old guy anyway i give this movie a 5.2 its nothing special but go see it if you love Vince vaughn or if you love movies from 2005.


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