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Hello ladies and gentlemen, first off, as a fan of Halo: Reach, I loved the game, and I loved how I could have my own custom character throughout the campaign. Some people didn't like it for the lack of story, but I liked it because I could make up the story of my character, but at the end, when Noble Six died, I was left unsatisfied... His death, to me, could have easily been prevented. So... What if he lived?

How Halo: Reach could have ended

After Six tells Keyes to leave him, and he blows up the cruiser; Six watches all of the ships on his side take off to escape. But then, instead of staying on Reach, he quickly sprints to the Autumn, which is taking off slowly enough for him to catch a ride.

Seriously, I could have jumped onto that thing.
Seriously, I could have jumped onto that thing.

Noble Six manages to get into the Autumn, and rests in a hallway, taking in the horrible things that had just taken place. Drowning in his own thoughts.

"They're all dead..."

Later Six is discovered to be alive and safe on the Autumn, and is celebrated and well-known throughout worlds, but as the years go by, another Spartan, Master Chief, becomes greater than Noble Six.

"What has Chief done that I haven't," Six thinks to himself every day, as his mental state diminishes from years of thinking about how he could have done better, how he could have saved the Noble team, and how someone else could have possibly surpassed him.

Noble Six finally becomes a thing of the past, and begins to go crazy from the repetition of his own thoughts, and one day, snaps and decides to go after Master Chief.

"If I can kill him, he'll be saved from the years of torture that I went through, and then I will have my glory again," his conflicting thoughts of selfishness and twisted heroism drives him onward to his deed.

Finally, Six finds Chief, and goes in for the kill... But his attempt to assassinate him fails, and they become locked in a fight to the death. Six's skills and Chief's skills perfectly match each other, until Six gives up.

"You win this round Chief. But one day I'll kill you. This isn't a fight, this is now war," Six tells him.

Six and Chief build armies against each other, and for years, fight, and fight, and fight. Six, driven by his unstable mental state and Chief, driven by paranoia.

Years pass and the universe falls into ruins, caused by Chief and Six, unknowing what they are doing to themselves and everything around them.

One final day, Six and Chief bring their greatest soldiers with them, and go to fight where it all started, where Noble Six should have died long ago, Reach.

"Happy to see me Chiefie?" Says Six,

"The only thing I'll be happy to see is your blood on my hands," Chief replies,

"Touche... I'd like to see yours on my sword. Let's settle this!" Yells Six, as they both sprint for each other with their soldiers behind them, and plasma swords in hand.

Hours pass, and both Spartans' soldiers are down and out. But finally, they both go in for the kill, and impale each other at the same time, and as they stand there dying, they finally look at what they have done for the first time in years. Realizing their mistakes, they make up, and fall dead along with the universe they once tried to save, years ago.

"Remember where it all began; Remember Reach"
"Remember where it all began; Remember Reach"
"You don't know what you have until you lose everything, and only when you lose everything is when you realize, it was no one's fault but your own." - A quote of my own. :)

Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it!


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