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For those who don't know The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror drama television show that is aired on AMC, however to some people its more than that. The Walking Dead has had a huge impact on many peoples lives, I am one of those people. The Walking Dead teaches us some very important life lessons.

(Warning: This article will contain spoilers from throughout the show)

1: Things that seem too good to be true, normally are:

Woodbury, Terminus, the prison being overrun, the farm being burnt to cinders. Time and time again Rick Grimes and co have believed that they have found their safe haven only to have it snatched away the next minute. Nothing seems to be as good as advertised in this world and its no different in ours, if something or someone seems too good to be true don't get too attached until you are sure.

2: Enjoy the little things:

Although the group have gone through mourning and heartbreak way to regularly they carry on, it may seem that its sheer willpower but the little things are what reminds them that happiness still exists. Who can forget Carl Grimes sitting on a ledge and eating 112-oz of chocolate pudding? And in the church where the group sat, drank wine and had a laugh, these little things provide them with the little happiness they have left. When you are with your friends or loved one have a nice time, laugh, be yourself and enjoy them, you don't know how long they are going to be there for.

3: The obvious is always an option:

When Sophia went missing in [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 2 the group searched everywhere on the farm land, Daryl even almost died trying to find her, after all the hard work everyone put in it turned out that Sophia was in a barn on the farm that they were staying at, they didn't consider searching the farm and because of that they wasted time and almost got Daryl killed. If you are trying to solve a problem right now or in the future always look at the obvious before looking at other options.

4: The best are always forgotten:

Remember T-dog? He sacrificed himself to save Carol's life, his death was forgotten mainly due to Lori's death and Carl stopping her corpse from turning into a walker. Just because T-dog was forgotten by the majority doesn't mean he didn't do the right thing, he died a hero. If you have the chance to do something great like T-dog did, do it, some people may forget, but Carol will always remember that day.

5: Give it a go:

Just because everything seems too good to be true doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a go, just be wary. The prison didn't work out but it protected the group for a very long time, if they decided not to try the barn they would have been killed by either the storm itself or the group of walkers wandering about outside. After being let down by every possible safe haven they have come across they are still trying the Alexandria Safe Zone because if it works out they can be safe and happy. If in life you have the option to try something, do it, the worst that is going to happen is you will regret it.


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