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A Russian Artist Brings Batman, and More, To Pencil Point!

I'm not artistic; I can't sing, can't act and I can't draw, I can barely even draw a stick figure and I get jealous of people who can draw just basic things!

But then you have someone like Salavat Fidai, who comes along and doesn't just stop at using a canvas or paper - he takes it to a whole new level.

Fidai has taken art and carved in into the pencil-tip.

That's right. Pencil tip.
That's right. Pencil tip.

Fadai, a Russian artist, uses ONLY one craft knife and a magnifying glass!

Some of his best work includes carvings of Darth Vader and The Dark Knight himself, Batman.

But Salavat Fidai doesn't even stop at pencil-tip - oh no - he takes it further yet again and takes his art and paints it on to pumpkin seeds, painting things like Breaking Bad and Star Wars, yes - even fan favorite, Jar Jar Binks!

Another thing I don't have... patience! A massive kudos to him and his dedication to his art!

More of Fidai's art, including skulls & crossbones and Frozone from The Incredibles, can be found and brought, yes brought, on: Instagram, Facebook and Etsy.


What do you think of this kick ass art? Would you buy it? Do you have mad skills like Salavat Fidai?


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