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(All of this is in my opinion. There is no right or wrong answer here!)

What are the best monsters of New Who?

With the 10th Anniversary of New Who getting closer, it's time to celebrate a bit more. Here is MY countdown of New Who's best Monsters. Also includes additions from Classic Who. You'll see when you get there.

10 - Vashta Nerada

The Vashta Nerada have only appeared in one story consisting of two episode. These were 'Silence in the Library' and 'Forest of the Dead'. The Vashta Nerada are hunters that can rip every last bit of meat of a human body. You should begin to worry when the shadows begin to move. This creature tends to keep away from daylight. This is where the key quote is used.

Stay out of the shadows - 10th Doctor

9 - Peg Dolls

The Peg Dolls inhabited in the Dolls House in Georges Cupboard. It had become a psychic repository for all his fears which meant these were no ordinary dolls. They could move, speak and hunt. The Peg Dolls have appeared in one story. This is 'Night Terrors'. If you are touched by a Peg Doll you become one of them. Keep away!

Don't run. We want to play! - Peg Dolls

8 - Sontarans

(Keeping it New Who). Sontarans thrive on combat and delight in the rigours of warfare. They reproduce through cloning programmes meaning they can be created in huge numbers - ideal for a race of soldiers literally born to fight. We first saw them in New Who in 'The Sontaran Stratagem. We see a Sontaran pop up here and there as Commander Strax is part of the Paternoster Gang.

7 - The Boneless

The Boneless's invasion began in Bristol and ended in Bristol. Their victims were transformed into static, two-dimensional images. The Boneless are aliens from beyond the known universe who have the ability to reduce three-dimensional things, including humans. One person came to save the day. She called herself 'The Doctor'. We first saw the Boneless in 'Flatline'. That was currently the last time we saw them. Whether or not they will come back is up to the writers.

6 - The Silence

These menacing creatures had invaded the Earth at an undetermined point in our history. The Silence are powerful as they can kill a human with the electric charge in their hands. We first saw them in 'The Impossible Astronaut'. You only remember them when you look at them. As soon as you look away, you forget them.

5 - The Foretold

Start the Clock! - The Doctor

The Foretold looks like an ancient, terrifying mummy - the kind of creature that has featured in scary stories and creaky horror movies for generations. You could only see this creature if you were it's next victim. When you saw it you had 66 seconds to live. We saw this creature on the Orient Express in Space. First seen in 'The Mummy on the Orient Express'. Its home planet is unknown.

Above is a video showing a victim has just 66 seconds left to live!

4- The Cybermen

(Keeping it New Who). The Cybermen first came to our screens in 2006 in 'Rise of the Cybermen'. They were back with a new catchphrase 'Delete'. As time progressed on they had an upgrade. The Cybermen now have the ability to fly as seen in 'Death in Heaven'. The Cybermen had John Lumic as their Master. But as he died a new MASTER took over. Literally The Master became their Master as seen in 'Dark Water'. Still terrifying creatures!

3 - The Master

(Keeping it New Who). In New Who we have seen 3 faces of the Master. Professor YANA, Harold Saxon and Missy. The Master is also a Timelord/lady from the planet Gallifrey. Also has the power to regenerate. As time went on we noticed that the Master had changed face. Not only that he had changed Gender! The Master now commonly known as Missy was last seen in the Series 8 finale. Missy will be back in Series 9.

Say something nice - Missy

2 - Weeping Angels

Don't blink! Don't even blink! Blink and you're dead! - 10th Doctor

A normal statue when you're looking at them. As soon as you 'blink' they've moved! The Weeping Angels are commonly known for sending you back in time. This happens when they touch you. Just one touch and you're gone. The Angels had sent the Doctor and Martha back to the year 1969 and needed Sally Sparrows help. The Angels were also responsible for the departure of Amy Pond and Rory Williams. These two had been sent back in time by an Angel in New York.

1 - The Daleks

(Keeping it New Who). We first saw the Daleks in 2005. They have been a key part of Doctor Who as they fought in the Time War with the Timelords. They are still well known for their catchphrase 'Exterminate'! The Doctor still is the greatest enemy of the Daleks. I expect he always will be. The Daleks are from the planet Skaro. The Daleks were created by Davros. He had deduced that the years of radiation and chemical poisoning from an ongoing war would lead his race to mutate into immobile organisms. We last saw the Daleks in 'Into the Dalek' in Series 8 with Peter Capaldi. I expect they will be seen again in the coming future.

That is MY top 10 Countdown of the Best New Who Monsters. Please feel free to comment your top 10 below!

Don't forget the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who is Saturday 26th March!


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