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I've been here on Moviepilot over a year and a half, and in all that time I do a lot of 'superheroes' posts. A lot of those superhero posts weigh in on the visual element of the superheroes, i.e. Costume design, costume alternates, etc. I've never quite looked in to the definitive mask. There are a lot of cool, unique and iconic ones. Which one is your favorite? Here are some of the best:

Green Lantern

We're starting with the impeccably cool Green Lantern. This dude's mask needs no strings, it's just chill staying where it's supposed to. We shall not speak of the wacky mask in the Ryan Reynolds movie where they used CGI. Ugh. Anyhow, this mask, in its own right, is bad-ass.


For me, this takes home the definitive mask. Am I a Batman fanboy and may be suggesting the infamous cowl is biased? Maybe. But c'mon, this mask is perfect. It oozes fear in to those who cross him. It poses a stature that sends the message of "mess with me and you're done." Batman is known for carrying a no nonsense approach to fighting crime and this mask implies that very tactic. Beside all that, it actually looks insane in almost every incarnation of the Bat himself.


Another classic mask on the list! Sure, Wolverine has had some cool versions with Hugh Jackman and the X-Men movies, but this black and gold (maybe white and blue for some of you...) has a fierce quality about it. You're missing out if you never had this version of Wolverine as an action figure growing up.

Iron Man

This is the first entry on the list where I'm actually talking about a film's version. The Iron Man movie franchise had completely amplified Iron Man's popularity worldwide and the mask, along with his costume is a big part of this (along with Downey Jr., of course). Although it's just a normal human behind the metal mask, it doesn't fall short on showing how Iron Man means business.


Often considered Marvel's most iconic villain, Magneto has to make this particular list. His mask is extremely iconic itself and makes him a strong contender for best mask. It really is scary, beautiful and awesome all the same time. His mask is as visually powerful as he is.


Arguably the most talked about superhero in the world right now, Spider-Man has a solid place on this list with his globally known mask that hides the world from knowing that he is really just a fragile teenager beneath it all. There's always a hot discussion whenever somebody changes the mask (Amazing Spider-Man 2) and I got'ta admit, it seems like a tough job to change such an iconic mask or to draw from other material like they did with the latest movie. Who knows what kind of mask we'll be getting with him in the MCU now!


Our first female entry on this list is Catwoman and in the irresistible form of Michelle Pfeiffer particularly. This mask looks like a sexy cross between Batman, Venom and Spider-Man - if that's even possible. This was one costume (and mask) that turned boys to men when it first came out. Quite an epic one this is, and definitely takes home the award for sexiest mask.


Our first non-Marvel/DC entry on the list is Dave Lizewski - a.k.a Kick Ass. This mask perfectly illustrates how one of us would probably look if we decided to become a crime-fighting vigilante (which is the dream!). It's raw looking and I love green and yellow, so this one is a solid mask in my eyes.

I know what you're thinking...Where is Captain America? How about Thor, Wonder Woman, or The Flash?

I think that they are all decent masks but I don't think that they can be considered for the best of the best. I'll let you decide though, vote in the poll below!


Best Superhero Mask?


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