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Illustration from artist Dave Collinson show iconic male pairs of the legendary series and films .

Artist Dave Collinson in its new series of illustrations called 'Pop Culture Buddies' decided to show the most famous male movie serial pairs. In the pictures below you can see the example of Jesse and Heisenberg from Breaking Bad, Michael and Dwight from The Office, and Martin and Roger from Lethal Weapon. Dave doesn't restrict himself to just one period or genre, and therefore this cocktail legendary figures also features killers from Pulp Fiction all the way through to zombies - threshing out Shaun of the Dead, and ends up at the bowling fanatics of the Big Lebowski.

Breaking Bad

The Office

Rush Hour

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Back to the Future

The Big Lebowski

The Blues Brothers

Lethal Weapon

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Pulp Fiction

Shaun of the Dead


Hope you enjoyed. ;)


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