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Rebecca Teschner

I'm done reading articles that say Edward couldn't read bella's mind was because of her having werewolf DNA, the true reason he couldn't was because of Bella being a shield since the beginning she was one, other people think its because of Illuminati don't get me started on that one

if you read the books in one of the chapters in twilight breaking dawn it says that Bella was a shield so how the hell would it be because of werewolf DNA. There is no relationship between her and the pack yeah charlie and billy are friends but would that mean Bella has werewolf DNA.this theory just makes no sense i'm not trying to put the creator of the theory down just i think if your going to make a theory get all your facts straight.

as for why Alice couldn't see Nessie i have no idea, maybe because of the shield.


do you think the theory is correct


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