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ending Begins. If there is any one Batman film that deserves a new ending, I think it is Batman Begins. As it stands, it is the worst ending of all 3 films in the trilogy. It makes absolutely no sense and in some of the most critical parts of the movie the writers and director went against everything that Batman stands for and has been known for and loved.

Our alternate ending begins at Bruce Wayne's Birthday Party where he is informing Lucious Cox he has discovered Scare Crow's plan to use the panic toxin against the citizens of Gotham.

Shortly after, Bruce gets a big surprise as he gets introduced at his party to the senior leader of the league of shadows Ras al Gul .

After a brief discussion, Bruce is made aware that Ras al Gul is here to ensure the destruction of the city; along with all of Bruce's guests. Ras al Gul Challenges Bruce to make them aware of the situation, if he is so inclined. ( Note this is an intimidation tactic, he is daring Bruce who has a double identity to either expose himself or risk public ridicule).

It is at this point where everything goes down hill in the original version of the movie. He gets beat down, rescued by his butler, he delegates all of the dangerous activity to James Gordon and Rachel Dawes, he aids the bad guys effort and helps create panic across the city, gets dragged by a train across a series of very dangerous concrete and iron structures only to somehow make it alive to the final face off with Ras al Gul where he somehow manages to escape, he doesn't win; he escapes. Now what kind of Batman is this? I'm not sure, but here is what I would have written instead. I understand I have the benefit of hindsight, but the writers knew this was a trilogy so I don't feel so bad.

Ras al Gul attempts to bully our hero into public humiliation and possible exposure to his double identity. Bruce Wayne calls on his friend and ally Alfred while he is engaging in conversation with Ras al Gul. Bruce asks Alfred to introduce Mr. Ras al Gul and his friends in attendance publicly to all of the guests that are present at the party. While all this is taking place Bruce offers a ominous whispered warning to Ras al Gul " You are going to be very sorry, you ever showed your face here!" Bruce pretends to be under the influence of alcohol, but rather than insult his guests and ruining his family's good name, he makes his way to the elevator and gears up as Batman.

As Alfred continues to keep focus on the unwanted guests and their dark purpose. Batman crashes the party, and engages Ras al Gul Thugs taking them out easily one by one. Ras al Gul attempts to fulfill his promise by attempting to expose Batman as Bruce Wayne only to have Batman reply " Last time I saw Bruce he had his head down the toilet after drinking some of that awful wine" as he delivers a devastating upper cut that knocks down Ras generating laughter and ridicule to Ras improbable proposition. Score: Batman 1 Ras 0.

Ras takes a moment as every one is looking on to gather himself and simply says, "I don't have time for this" makes a get away by pushing away some of the guests at the party causing some minor injury and delaying our hero, and drives off in one of the guests vehicles heading downtown to meet with Scarecrow and his most trusted and talented young pupil Bane.

Batman makes sure that nobody is hurt and he exits the party, when he reaches the downtown area he finds only chaos. The citizens of the downtown area have already been exposed to Scare Crow's Panic toxin. The Police raise the bridges in the city in an attempt to try and control the spread of the toxin and to generate some population control. Jeff Gordon and the commissioner have their hands full as they try to contain the escapees from Arkham Prison that Scare Crow has let loose.

In the meantime, Batman gets an alert while driving the Bat mobile from his love interest Rachel Dawes who has managed to save a little boy and is currently hiding while Scare Crow is in pursuit riding a horse. She provides her location and asks for urgent help. The young boy is in total panic, unfortunately as he has not been exposed to the antidote. The image of Scare Crow is terrifying and our young victim is beginning to lose his connection to reality.

This is a critical point because Batman realizes he is running short on time, he drives as fast as he can to Rachel's location only to find Scare Crow menacingly close to killing Rachel Dawes. She has managed to survive this long and protected our young victim but has run out of time & there is nowhere else to hide . Batman shoots Scare Crow with his grappling hook scaring the horse into running away without its rider and Scare Crow is tied up and the threat is neutralized. Rachel Dawes thanks the dark knight for his heroism and warns Batman about the possibility of his death while on this dangerous task. She asks for his name, It is here where Batman delivers one of the most memorable quotes from the movie " it is not who I am inside, but what I do that defines me!" She is shocked but quickly comes to the realization that Batman is Bruce Wayne, she can only respond with a surprised "Bruce?"

Batman then makes his way to the Bat mobile and manages to get ahead of the train thru a short cut to its next boarding station. Batman quickly programs the Bat mobile to self- drive and destroy the bridge that would enable the city's destruction and the fullfilment of Ras al Gul's plan. As the train approaches, Batman uses an explosive device (c-4) to blow up an entry door and finds himself face to face with Ras al Gul and an unexpected enemy. Ras al Gul's most trusted and gifted pupil.

Ras al gul continues his psychological attack on our hero by making fun of his use of a Bat disguise to fight crime. " You took my advise of theatrics a bit too seriously", Batman replies " it ends here" . Ras al gul seems un-phased and promptly responds " only for you! Meet my new Pupil Bane, This could have been you standing victorious over the corrupt city of Gotham. But you lack the will to do what it takes to finish the job." Ras al Gul goes on to explain how the league of shadows may have been directly involved in the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents. Then finally exclaims " excuse me, I have a city to destroy!"

Bane engages Batman in battle as Ras al Gul makes his way to the front of the train to prepare the device that will carry out Gotham's destruction.

Batman is able to dispose of Bane rather easily this time around by luring him into a smoke bomb and uses his grappling hook yet again to tie him down to one of the trains Poles designed for standing passengers. He seems a bit surprised as to the ease in which Young Bane is disposed of and simply states " you are uninitiated!" as he moves on to end Ras al guls threat. Cut scene to the city's employees warning the police commissioner that the pressure that is building in the city's tunnels being generated by Ras al Gul may destroy the entire city if something is not done to bring down the pressure in the city's underground quickly.

When Batman arrives to the front of the train to engage Ras in a final battle, Ras seems surprised and simply states " You will never learn!" They go back and forth as they fight furiously and engage in verbal jousting. Batman disables the train's ability to stop and manages to subdue Ras with a vicious roundhouse. It is at this point that Ras knows he has been beaten physically, but he is not done fighting psychologically. " do not be afraid Bruce!" " you are just an ordinary man in a cape, that is why you cannot deliver justice, that is why you cannot stop this train!" Batman looks Ras in the eyes and reveals his true dark nature and iron will by replying " Who said anything about stopping it"

Batman separates the rest of the train from their current train car with an explosive device(c-4), and delivers one more devastating blow to the face of Rasal Gul while stating " I am justice, I am Batman" he then extends his cape and escapes thru the opening created by his explosive device.

(cut scene to Bane) who realizes he is in imminent danger and just witnessed his mentor fall of the destroyed bridge to his death at the hands of the Dark Knight. He manages to escape his bindings and jumps out of a window as the train is slowing down . The train car containing Ras al Gul is seen as it falls to its final demise crashing down and finally exploding sealing the fate of Ras al Gul at the hands of the dark knight. The scene fades to black. Subtle music plays as the morning after arrives and Gotham has been saved.

The exchange between Richard Earle and Lucious Fox is displayed where Richard is made aware that he is no longer CEO of Wayne Enterprises but Rather Lucious Fox is. The Wayne manor is being suited for new windows and interior damage from the fight at the party. Bruce meets Rachel Dawes and they engage in a realization that their love is real but their lives have changed forever. There is some uncertainty as to what the future will hold for both of them. Alfred approaches as he breaks up the tension between Rachel and Bruce and suggests some remodeling to the Bruce Manor and Bruce smiles and quietly agrees. The police are working on restoring order the morning after as the threat was neutralized. The Scare Crow is under custody and is seen in the county jail. A foreshadow of the joker is seen as they find a joker card in the scare crows belongings. Fade to Black.


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