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We all know that the oscars makes from time to time (at least 4 a year). Seeing as the Oscars are meant to be the most prestigious awards in the world of cinema it is annoying that they can this many mistakes. so here is a list of just a few examples of those blunders.

Morten Tyldum gets nominated for best director

David Fincher, Christopher Nolan. Damien Chazelle and Ava DuVarnay all made excellent films in 2014 and those films are all brilliantly directed. So how in the hell did Morten Tyldum get nominated and all those other better directors get snubbed (especially Ava DuVarnay). Look I like the imitation game I think that it is a very good film with a fantastic performances from Benedict Cumberbatch and Keira Knightely but its directing is mediocre at best and I honestly don't have a clue why the academy gave him the nomination over clearly more talented people. We all know that this years best director category was a two horse race between Inarritu and Linklator (I personally would've given it to Wes Anderson put that's beside the point) but that doesn't mean that the academy can just throw anyone else in just to make up the numbers. in conclusion screw morten tyldum.

Roberto Benigni win best actor

At the 1999 oscars Italian comedian Roberto Benigni walked away with 2 academy award statues. One of those wins can be justified but the other simply can not be. Life is beautiful is an okay film, a few laughs here and there but ultimately it's a comedy about the holocaust and that's inexcusable. I know Benigni was trying to put hope and humour into the holocaust but that requires more than some slapstick here and there and at one point shouting about lollipops or something. You can't just Chaplin up Schlindlers list and expect to get away with, oh wait... he totally did and won a multitude of awards.

Maybe I'm being too hard on the film itself but I still believe that Benigni in no way deserved the best actor award (or a nod for best director) for his performance especially when Tom Hanks gave a absolutely fantastic performance in Saving Private Ryan and not only that but Edward Norton gave the performance of his career as a neo-nazi who tries to turn his life around after getting out of prison for manslaughter. Norton had to bulk himself up for the role, he also shaved his head and grew a goatee (the goatee was probably the hardest to do).

I think this is a photo from "the "25th hour"
I think this is a photo from "the "25th hour"

Norton transformed himself and was absolutely mesmerising in American history x and absolutely deserved the best actor award and it's ludicrous to think otherwise.

do you believe me now?
do you believe me now?

Titanic winning everything (but mostly best picture and director)

I'm gonna be blunt. I think James Cameron is just awful (after he made T2). Avatar was terrible and unbelievable overrated(it's essentially smurf pochontas in space). Titanic is a terrible written, half decently directed film with some okay performances. It in no way deserved to win best picture in a year where Good will hunting, L.A. confidential, Jackie Brown, Donnie Brasco and the film I would've chosen to win the awards...

Boogie nights is Paul Thomas Andersons (an actually good writer/director) 2nd feature film after hard eight (which I highly recommend) and is the story of Eddie Adams aka Dirk Diggler and how he has a massive... realisation that he should enter the adult film industry.

probably because he has a big dick

But joking aside Boogie nights is brilliantly written (unlike Titanic) masterfully directed (unlike Titanic) and has absolutely mesmerising performances from every member of it large cast (unlike Titanic). It's also a homage to Scorsese and Goodfellas which when done this well is just fantastic. This film was the best film of 1998 and deserved the awards for best picture and director

that concludes this little rant about the oscars. these are only a tiny portion of all the times the academy made the wrong decision. this list is in just my opinion on huge mistakes the academy made.

If you have any other examples of horrible oscar decisions please feel free to leave a comment and if you have any suggestions do let me know


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