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In my alternate ending of The Dark Knight:

After killing Malone, Two Face exacts revenge on Ramirez and fades into the shadows, making his escape.

Gordon gets a call about Ramirez's death.

Just a few moments after arriving at Ramirez's crime scene, the police brief Gordon about Joker's capture.
Harvey Dent is MIA...

but is publicly declared as a casualty from the Joker's Hospital explosion.

Meanwhile in Arkham

Gordon Walks down the hall with two doctors in lab coats.

The doctor on the left of Gordon wears a name tag reading 'Strange'

Gordon: “He’s one of the collection criminals that were hand- delivered by the Batman. We need him psycho-analyzed before trial."

The trio pass several cells.

The Doctor behind Strange hugs her clip board close to her.
She peeps though one of the view slots of a cell while Gordon and Strange continue down the hall.

A patient sits on the floor facing the wall with his legs crossed. The wall in front of him is riddled with question marks.

His head slowly turns towards his shoulder. His eyes gleam back at the doctor.

Cold and emotionless, she pushes her glasses up from the edge of her nose.
She strolls down the hallway, catching up to Gordon and Strange.

Dr. Strange: "Of course, Commissioner. This will be my protege's first assignment. She is my finest student and will be working with me very closely in examining the subject ."

The three stand out side a cell.

Gordon: "Alright. I'll leave you to it Dr. Strange, Dr. ..Keen is it?"

After shaking Dr. Stange's hand, Gordon extends his hand out to Dr. Quinzel.

Dr. Quinzel: "Quinzel. Harleen Quinzel"

Dr. Quinzel shakes Gordon's hand.
Gordon heads toward the exit. He stops in his tracks 3 steps in.

Gordon: "Harleen?"

Dr. Quinzel and Dr. Strange turn around.

Gordon: "Be careful.."

Dr. Quinzel nods. Gordon continues down the hall.
Dr. Quinzel looks through the view slot of the cell. The joker sits on the floor leaning against the wall. A smile crawls on his face.

The End..


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