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NOTE: My second article on pseudo-mockbusters didn't have enough views as the first article I did, so I'm going to incorporate some stuff from the previous article that I wrote and add them to here!

#1: Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam'ın Oğlu (Turks in Space) (Sequel to Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam, the "Turkish Star Wars", and was probably inspired by Battlestar Galactica) (2006)


In 1982, Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam (The Man who Saved the World) had hit plenty of movie theaters across the country of Turkey, and was popularly known as the "Turkish Star Wars" due to its notorious use of bootlegged footage from the 1977 Star Wars film. The film was a cult classic amongst film buffs and sci-fi nerds outside of Turkey itself. It wasn't until 2006 that a sequel, Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam'ın Oğlu (Son of the Man who Saved the World), would be released in Turkey. The movie, popularly known as Turks in Space, was made with a much higher budget, and it incorporated newer special effects such as CGI. Unlike Turkish Star Wars, Turks in Space had elements which were borrowed mostly from the Battlestar Galactica television reboot that was airing around the time of the film's release. This movie is also a sci-fi comedy (unlike its predecessor), so it might as well be a foreign parody of Battlestar Galactica. I remember seeing only the first 13 minutes of the movie on YouTube, but unfortunately, I didn't find a copy of the movie on YouTube that actually has English subtitles. If this was dubbed into English and released in the United States, it might be either distributed by Disney or Warner Bros., while keeping the Turks in Space title intact. I'm beginning to prefer this movie over the 1982 original because it was made with a much higher budget, and it actually looks quite awesome!

#2: Os Trapalhões na Guerra dos Planetas (The Tramps in the War of the Planets; Brazilian knock-off of Star Wars) (1978)

I would also prefer this over the Turkish Star Wars
I would also prefer this over the Turkish Star Wars

Os Trapalhões (The Tramps) was a popular series of Brazilian comedy films that involve a group of fools who get involved in various situations. In 1978, two years before the release of The Empire Strikes Back, Os Trapalhões wanted to ride on the success of the first Star Wars film, which was released a year earlier, by releasing Os Trapalhões na Guerra dos Planetas (The Tramps in the War of the Planets). The film involves the gang discovering a space ship landing on Earth after a high-speed chase. The ship belonged to the evil galactic emperor Zuco, a character that was plagiarized from that of Darth Vader. A young prince named Flick asks the gang to help free his home planet from Zuco's iron grip. A point of comedy in the film is where they discover a Jeep full of gold bars.

If this was a mockbuster, it would not have been part of a series of comedy films.

#3: Masoyiyata Titanic (My Beloved Titanic; Nigerian twist on James Cameron's Titanic) (2003)

Nigeria didn't have a film industry until the mid-to-late 1990's, but Nigerian films of this era were shot only on cheap video cameras. In 2003, Farouk Ashu-Brown decided to cash-in on the billion-dollar box office success of James Cameron's 1998 historical romantic drama film Titanic by releasing a no-budget videotaped version with a slightly African twist. The film was known as Masoyiyata Tiatanic, whose title is Hausa for My Beloved Titanic. The film is centered around a teenage Nigerian girl named Binta who finds romance aboard the Titanic. This time, though, the romance was between the charming Zayyad and the lower-class Abdul. Masoyiyata Titanic uses pirated footage from the 1998 Titanic, as well as the shark sequence from Renny Harlin's Deep Blue Sea. Use of bootlegged footage, however, was very uncommon in early Nigerian films, unlike the such practice in some Turkish knock-off films, but most of the time, these films would also steal music from other popular films. Unlike the original Titanic, Masoyiyata Titanic uses Bollywood-inspired musical numbers, such as an instance in which the main character sings a take on Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On", using lyrics related to the film's plot. The film would be the king of African-produced Z-movies.

#4: Homoti (The other Turkish E.T.) (1987)

In 1983, Badi became one of the two Turkish takes on the wildly-popular E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial. However, in 1987, Turkish comedian Müjdat Gezen wanted to rival on both E.T. and Badi by releasing Homoti. The film is about a newspaper reporter who has a confrontation with a weird-looking UFO, which brings out a rather grotesque-looking alien named "Homoti". The film was (I think) the first Turkish knock-off film to use CGI/computer graphics, even though the film's recording quality was somewhat inferior. I would call this a quasi-mockbuster because it's like a mockbuster of a Turksploitation adaptation of E.T.

#5: The Doom Generation (Teenage parody of Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers) (1995)

In 1994, filmmaker Oliver Stone released the artistic crime drama film Natural Born Killers, which was a huge critical success. A year later, however, filmmaker Gregg Araki made a teenage thriller parody of Natural Born Killers, the second in Mr. Araki's Teenage Apocalypse comedy trilogy, known as The Doom Generation. The Doom Generation has been compared both favorably and unfavorably to what Oliver Stone had directed, and YouTube film reviewer Emer Prevost said that The Doom Generation was one of the worst films he had ever seen in his Reaction & Review web series. Rose McGowan's character in the movie, Amy Blue, closely resembles Uma Thurman's character from Pulp Fiction, but The Doom Generation is not really a rip-off of that particular film. From what I've heard from what Mr. Prevost said on the movie, he criticized its childish writing (the F-bomb is used too many times in this instance), offensive sex scenes and flat acting. However, if I could choose between Natural Born Killers and The Doom Generation, I would rather go with this movie because it's more of a comedy rather than a drama.

#6: Punchdickia! (Internet parody of the That Guy with the Glasses production Kickassia!) (2012)

In 2010, Channel Awesome released the That Guy with the Glasses production Kickassia!, an internet comedy that is about the Nostalgia Critic and his gang attacking the Republic of Molossia. In 2012, however, Wingerdinger Productions, a YouTube community founded by Emer Prevost, had made Punchdickia! as both a parody of and an attack on Kickassia!. The 12-minute parody was created by Emer's friends Eric Gaede and David Savage, who are also D-List YouTube reviewers. Punchdickia! is about a long fight between Eric's character Pissed Jose and David's character The Game Boob. Almost everything from Kickassia! is parodied in Punchdickia!, ranging from its opening narration to its fight scenes and the Dr. Insano character, parodied as Razör Fist's character Dr. Fellatio. The "Santa Christ" character was also parodied as the "Easter Beavis", a mash-up of the Easter Bunny and Beavis from Beavis and Butthead. The full movie is on YouTube, but you could also view it here!


Which of these quasi-mockbusters do you find to be "so bad, it's good"?


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