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"Grim Fandango," famous adventure game from the late 90s, was recently remastered and brought back into the public eye for the first time in 15 years. The Jasons ask the age-old question, "Does This Hold Up?" and the answer is... kinda-sorta. They discuss the game's narrative- and gameplay-structure, adventure game tropes, the passage of time affecting your relationship with the characters, fancy remastering, bad habits of old games, and more!

I'm glad I did play through this game, since I never did when I was a teenager and it was new. However, it does remind me WHY I pretty much haven't played adventure games since around this time: they're a dying - more or less dead - genre, and no amount of storytelling innovation is going to save bad gameplay mechanics. Case in point: "Grim Fandango."

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