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DreamWorks upcoming masterpiece Home will have you tearing up in cinemas when it is released latter this month. The animated feature stars Rihanna and Jim Parsons who are both making their animation debuts and centers around a heartwarming alien invasion. But what makes this film so heartwarming?

1. The Back Stories

Boov's are homeless. :'(
Boov's are homeless. :'(

The alien race called the Boov have been searching the galaxy for years looking for a place to call home. Captain Smek (Steve Martin), the leader of the Boov's, has been unsuccessful with almost every planet he discovered being terrorized by dangerous creatures. How sad is that, they are practically homeless.

Oh (Jim Parsons), is largely unpopular and hated in the Boov community. His a misfit. A character who can easily be related to any person in the audience. He is naïve, and annoying, but is friendly, well-meaning, and intelligent. He received his name by his many "friends" when they see him and say "Oh". Kinda hurtful don't you think.

From a Barbadian background, Tip (Rihanna) is a spunky teenage girl who has a strong can-do spirit. She looses contact with her mum and is virtually on her own until she meets Oh.

2. The Soundtrack

The soundtrack places a very emotional tone for the film. The songs are performed by Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and various other artists for Home.

The titles of the songs include, "Towards the Sun", "Run to Me", "Feel the Light" and others which are set to be released a week prior to the films release.

If you listen to the lyrics to some of the songs, its hard not to stop emotions from showing. Take Jennifer Lopez signing "Feel the Light" for example:

3. Boovs are cute and cuddly

Creepy or Cute?
Creepy or Cute?

Just like the Minions in Despicable Me, don't Boovs look cute? If you answered no, how can you not find them cute they are little squid-like aliens! Besides from the six legs they can also change colour! The playful visual design also works well with the storytelling — Boov technology is all pastel-shaded circles and curves.

4. Oh Can Dance

Oh dancing is probably the funniest thing ever! I mean sure a human dancing can be funny but a six-legged alien, that's 10 times as funny.


Will you be seeing Home?


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