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Ever hear of Patrick Wilson? You know, the star of the horror flick The Conjuring? What about Jessica Alba, who was recently seen in the sequel to Sin City? Surely you've heard of Chris Pine, good ol' Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot. Did you see them in the new film Stretch? Produced by Universal and Blumhouse, written and directed by Joe Carnahan (director of The Grey and The A-Team), this film has it all: comedy, romance, action, and suspense. There are gun fights, betrayals, and crazy billionaires parachuting naked onto a limo. So have you seen it?

Who is that hiding behind that beard?
Who is that hiding behind that beard?

Unless it popped up on your Netflix list, then chances are you didn't watch it. Originally set for a March 2014 release, Universal decided to cancel it with no warning. They gave the filmmakers the go-ahead to release it how they wished, which is when it appeared on iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and DVD. Now the film lazes about, waiting for unsuspecting watchers to discover it.

Here are some facts: Stretch (Wilson), a limo driver, is down on his luck. His girlfriend broke up with him, he owes lots of money to gamblers, and he's on the edge of losing his job (having royally pissed of the Hoff). Charlie (Alba) calls Stretch and tells him of a client that would help solve all of his problems--a crazy billionaire (Pine) who pays large tips. The hilarity and insanity that commences, like the Eyes Wide Shut-esque party and Norman Reedus in a hotel room with a dismembered, er, member, is something you will not want to miss. It's nice to see Pine in a role that is completely different from what we've seen of him so far.

So if you need something to watch tonight, don't give this one a pass.