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Yes, I know what you're all saying not this guy again, but fear not this shall be my final entry into the Alternate ending contest. First I’d like to start off by saying Will Smith is an idol of mine, from Fresh Prince of Bel air, I-Robot ,I am Legend, Bad Boys, Men In Black and even Hancock ! . Will Smith has always been able to give the audience an outstanding performance. Never has he failed to amuse me; wait what ? After Earth you say.. hmm never heard of it. I’ve been a fan of him since I was just a little boy so you can only imagine how excited I was to hear that he would be playing as one of my favorite Batman villains. But being a complete Will Smith fan boy aside, I decided to make my alternate ending to one of my favorite movies by him, I am Legend . I am Legend was a very touchy movie in my opinion, It had both that dark background as well as that gritty action a man can only yearn for. For those who didn’t know { BIG SPOILER AHEAD } Will Smith who in the movie is known as Dr.Robert Neville sacrifices himself for the livelihood of a mother and her child as well as the rest of mankind. I couldn’t help by notice my eyes began to sweat a bit in the final seconds of the movie so I could help but feel to have been provoked to create my alternate ending to the movie. Alright here it is :

“ Hurry ! we have to go ! “ Robert Nevillie remained at the bottom steps of the stairs. His arm stretched out waiting for the touch of Anna along with Ethan. Out they came from the top stairs, unharmed but not alone. The DarkSeekers would have followed charging out the room, sadly all that stood within it’s range had fallen to it’s destruction. As, well as the steps in which sunk at there feet. Anna lunged into Roberts arms Evan right behind her. “ Hurry Start the car !. “ Robert quickly demanded sealing the door shut behind him. He met the rude awakening of the Dark Seekers hands effortlessly smashing through the door. “ Start the car ! “ Robert shouted behind him. Anna a bit panicked at first decided to start to the vehicle after a brief pause in her movements, a brief pause that soon caused to the lost of a mans life.

The moment Robert turned back around to return to the vehicle, he would find himself cut short due to being bitten on the arm by one of the Darkseekers, Robert quickly pulling out his pistol shot a few rounds into the door forcing the Darkseeker to unhand him, allowing him to safely make his way into the car. Robert stormed out of the parking lot into the road knocking a few fossil like vehicles out of the way. Evan held a firm grasp on his mother's arm, “ Mommy I'm scared.” He’d softly Anna turning back to her son softly ran her hand down his cheek. “ It’s all going to be okay sweetheart, don’t worry.” She said causing Robert to turn to the two, he remembered saying something similar to his daughter, only to have been proven a liar leaving the blood of his wife and daughter in his hands.

Robert refused to allow the same to happen to Anna, he didn’t want to make her out to be a liar as well. He was willing to do whatever was necessary to keep her words to her son true. “ Just a few minutes till sun down I'm going to try my best to get you guys across the bridge.: Robert stated as his grasp tightened around the wheel. Ana whom remained at his side lifted a brow a bit at his choice of words, “ You guys ? “ She quickly asked. Robert remained silent, it was then she caught sight of his arm with a rather large gash in it. He turned his gaze to her, “ When we get to the end of the bridge I’ll hand you the wheel “ He said but as he said it Ana refused to listen. “ No no no I refuse we can fight this we can escape we have the cure ! “ She cried hoping he’d listen and have a change of heart. “ Once you get your grasp on the wheels of the car you will continue to drive and drive without looking back. “ Robert said completely ignoring her. “ No ! “ Anna cried once more. “ Listen to me ! you have to protect your son , save mankind ! now can you do this ?! “ Robert shouted , tears flooded her cheeks but she softly nodded. Robert nodded as well and leapt from the drivers seat landing at the end of the bridge, Anna quickly took the wheel. The sky turned black and there roars were heard loud and clear, The Alpha came smashing past a few vehicles on the bridge and stood face to face with Robert. Anna gave Robert one last look before driving off. Robert slowly reached into his pocket a detonator in his grasp. He was quickly tackled, and they began to bite at him. Robert kept a firm grasp on the detonator his eyes met the sky as a tear fell across his cheek. This was the same bridge his child and Wife died over it was this sea they crashed into. Robert smiled one last time knowing he’d be buried along their side. Robert quickly touched the red button on the detonator. Then came the explosion, the bridge was engulfed in flames, DarkSeekers began to run but some either caught on fire or were crushed beneath the wreckage. Robert laid in the midst of flames on his lonesome, missing a few of his limbs. His side of the bridge.. being the last to explode.

::: The End ::::


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