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*After Vincent & Jules leave the diner

Sitting on the bus stop waiting for the next ride to Marcellus Wallace's mansion Vince & Jules find themselves yet again in an argument about divine intervention.

Vincent : "C'mon man your telling me that not once but twice God saved your life today?"

Jules : " You damn right! That white boy yuppie shoulda blown my head off holding up his robbery like that, Surprised his Honey-Bunny didn't get a shot off."

Thanks to Mr. Vincent Vega & his nine.. replied Vince

No Thanks to divine intervention, said Jules as they both boarded the bus.

While sitting on the bus Vince turns to Jules and tries to make a deal to believe in his divine intervention theory as long as he doesn't walk away from their team.

Jules : " Man do you still got that n*ggers brains in your ears, I told you I'm done! Besides how long you think God's going to keep showing me the way if I keep doing this sh*t. I'm sorry man but I'm out and you should be to ; before this sh*t gets you killed one day. "

After arriving at Marcellus's house the two greet him on the balcony and lies the briefcase down on the table.

Jules : Here's your shit man and we need to talk..

Marcellus : Business first gentleman.

Jules : Nah Marcellus this sh*t can't wait, I'm out I can't do this anymore.

As Marcellus enters the briefcase code and pops it opens he stares into it with a grin on his face before turning to Jules and replying..

Marcellus : Do you read the bible Jules? Do you believe in salvation? It's a long way to Heaven with all the sh*t you've done my brother. But because you've done so much for me I'll let you walk away after one last job, Butch Coolidge.

Jules : What's wrong with you motherf*ckers hearing, I'm out.

Jules walks away while Vincent is still standing with Marcellus.

Marcellus : Are you going to leave too?

Vincent : Butch Coolidge was it?

* The End *


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