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So this is part two to my other post of Top 5 Horror Endings. Anyway, let's get right into it. Also, spoilers are ahead.

5. Rosemary's Baby

In this film, Rosemary Woodhouse just moves into a new apartment with her husband. She has what seems like a nightmare of being raped by Satan in some ritual. Later it is revealed that it wasn't a dream and the baby she has been carrying is the Anti-Christ. Rosemary doesn't take the news very well but right at the end, when the baby won't stop crying, she goes to rock it and has this look that says even though she knows her baby is evil, it is still her baby. We are left to believe that she goes on to raise the baby.

4. Saw

In this film the victims are set up to play death trap games. They have to do some sort of torturous task in order to release the trap and survive. During the film someone named Zep is set up to look as if he is the killer. At the very end we learn that he was just another victim and the real mastermind behind it was the supposedly dead body on the floor that has been there the whole film.

3. Halloween

This film is considered responsible for starting the slasher craze that went on through the 80's. In this film a killer breaks out of a mental hospital and his doctor sets out to find him before he kills again. Throughout the film Dr. Loomis talks about the killer being pure evil. Everyone thinks he is crazy but at the end the killer is shot 6 times, falls out a second story window and walks away as if nothing happened and the film ends. It's great because it not only shows us what kind of killer we are dealing with but also makes us excited to see the sequel.

2. Sleepaway Camp

This is one of my all time favourite cheesy slasher films. It also has one of the funniest endings ever. In this film there is a shy girl Angela who gets picked on a lot while at a summer camp. All the kids who pick on her start getting killed off and we are set up to think it is either her or her cousin doing the killings. At the end we find out that it was Angela that was the killer but that she had a penis! Pretty hilarious ending plus the growl noise Angela makes at the end makes it even funnier.

1. Phantom of the Opera (1925)

This is one of my favourite silent films. At the end of it this angry mob has chased the phantom down near a river. As the corner him in he reaches into his pocket and raises his hand as if he has something at them. It works and they recoil. Then he opens his hand and reveals that there is nothing in his hand, laughs, and then gets beaten to death and thrown in the river.

Well that's my list, thanks for reading.


Which is your favourite horror ending?


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