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Prince Harry is heading for New Zealand and the gossip mags are feverishly speculating on the potential for a Kiwi bride.

The 30-year-old prince is set to end his active military career in the coming months with a secondment to the Australian Defence Force before potentially swinging further south for a visit.The way the gossip mags see it, that can only mean one thing: he's looking for love.

New Idea leads the charge with the headline, "Harry's Kiwi Wife Hunt", seeking expert opinion from Monarchy New Zealand chairman Sean Palmer on the possibility of a Kiwi girl finding romance with the playboy prince.

It's absolutely possible, Palmer assures.

COULD SHE BE THE ONE? X Factor judge Melanie Blatt

John Selkirk

COULD SHE BE THE ONE? X Factor judge Melanie Blatt

"The best way to ensure he finds a good Kiwi woman is to ensure he's in New Zealand frequently. I think that would dramatically improve the odds of him finding a girlfriend here."

Helpfully, the magazine includes a "shopping list" of potential girlfriends for Harry's perusal. Among their ranks are X Factor NZ judge (and fellow Brit) Mel Blatt, socialite Jaime Ridge and Breakfast co-host Ali Pugh.

Woman's Day employs a similar tactic in their coverage of the prince's pending "lonely hearts tour". Ridge also makes an appearance on their list of picks, as does Prime Minister John Key's daughter Stephanie ("her controversial art will appeal to the royal rebel").



Whether it be Jaime or Steffi, a palace source tells the magazine the prince is hoping to find the right person within the next year."He would be absolutely thrilled to meet a Kiwi - or an Aussie - to join him on his life journey," the source said.

"He thinks the women there are more sensible than in the UK and expect less. He has told friends that women from Down Under are more easy-going and free-spirited, and he could easily imagine falling in love with someone while on his last tour of duty."

STRESSED? Kate's mum has moved in with her and Wills.


STRESSED? Kate's mum has moved in with her and Wills.

Meanwhile domestic blisss isn't quite all it's cracked up to be for Prince William, New Idea reports.

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare for the arrival of their second child, Catherine's mother Carole Middleton is said to be throwing her weight around, sharing her opinions on "everything from child-rearing to housekeeping" as she stays with the couple at their Norfolk residence.

And apparently that's why William was so quick to put his hand upfor a recent royal visit to Japan and China.

"Carole really gets under William's skin," an old friend revealed.

"He just moans about her all the time and keeps asking when she's going home. But Kate likes having her there - and that's the problem.

"The only saving grace about having Carole around is that she's quite a good cook - but the trade-off for all the grief isn't worth it."

On the cover of the Woman's Weekly, another of New Zealand's favourite British icons is featured - Suzanne Paul.

The 58-year-old ad queen's 60th birthday is "looming", the magazine reports. As good excuse as any to talk about the "M-word": menopause.

Paul thinks it's an issue that many Kiwi women feel embarrassed about, and for that reason she has taken to bringing it up in conversation while she promotes make-up brand Thin Lizzy in shopping malls around the country.

"I try to approach it with some humour," she explains.

"I talk about it to everyone, no matter their age. I'll say, 'My Thin Lizzy, it stays on - it doesn't matter even if I'm having one of my hot flushes!'"Paul also opens up to the Weekly about her ambition to be an "international celebrity".

"There are so many things I want to do. I'm certainly not finished yet. And I want women to see that growing older, going through menopause, it's not the end of you. Not by a long shot!"


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