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The Dark Knight Rises Alternate Ending

Bruce attempts the climb one more time but fails. As he dreams of his fall in the cave, he remembers his father’s words

“Bruce, why do we fall?”

Bruce snaps out of his sleep, catching his breathe. The Blind Doctor explains to him that without fear, there is no success in the climb. So he tells him to do it as the Child did- without the rope. Bruce returns to the climb, without the rope, and successfully makes it out the prison. He begins his journey back to Gotham City. Turns out he was located near India, and he makes his way to the United Kingdom. Bruce uses his old-school talents of being a thief (via Batman Begins) to make his journey. He gets himself a phone and modifies it with other electrical supplies he obtained. He dials a code and waits for a tone, then a click, and then Bruce presses the pun button (#). Cut to- Gotham, under tarps, the Bat ignites on. It hovers and takes off towards the signal’s location.

We cut to Jim Gordon, Blake, and others continue the search of the bomb. (We skipped the scene where Blake tells Gordon and Foley wasn’t joining and Gordon seeked him out, but Foley was looking out for his family) Gordon need more help, that’s when Miranda offers him help. She tags the truck (the decoy since we know she’s Talia a Gul). Minutes later they get captured, except for Blake. Selina Kyle saves the same kid for stealing an apple from two thugs, a third thug sneaks from the back but BAM! Batman knocks him out. Bruce Wayne hands to apple to the kid. Selina Kyle says the same line to the kid, “Don’t pick on anyone bigger than you.” Batman still negotiates for Selina’s help, about having fresh start. He removes his cowl to confirm his identity to show good faith and asks one last time. She agrees to help him get to Lucius like in the movie.

For Jim Gordon’s trial, Bane is NOT present. He chooses death over exile. As Crane makes the verdict, Batman interrupts Jim and uses a device that takes out all weapons enemies, at least any who stole from Wayne Enterprise armory vault, which Bane took from him in the story earlier. It’s all hand to hand combat now. Batman takes out at least 60 men on his own while Jim Gordon and his squad fought along his side. Bane’s right hand man, Barsad (Josh Stewart) manages to take Miranda (which in reality she went along to warn Bane). Gordon warns Batman that Blake is still out in the streets, he’s probably helping the police trap in the tunnels. Lucius tells Bruce about the radio wave transmitter in the Bat can hold off the signal of the bomb and that he will need to connect it back to the reactor. Batman says he’ll go for Blake, Lucius to the reactor, and Gordon goes to the bomb with the transmitter.

We cut to Blake rescuing his ex-partner with the rest of the police force but he’s interrupt just like in the movie. We don’t cut to Jim Gordon since he was saved by Batman already, so Batman arrives just in time to save Blake. We continue with Batman and Blake getting the men out, and Batman telling Blake to save as many people as he can. With his new army, Batman recruits Catwoman and gives her the Batpod. They have they’re intimate dialogue, and for Batman to run off with her, but war must happen.

The next morning, the GCPD march towards Bane’s army for one last assault. Bane gives the signal for attack but Batman takes out the army Tumbler who was about to open fire on the police. They charge in and war begins. Catwoman blasts the blockage and sits and re-evaluates what to do next (like the movie). Gordon stops the decoy truck and yells to cut to the fifth. (We still don’t cut to “I came back to stop you”, that never happens in this version). Lucius starts up the reactor for the bomb as originally planned. The Bat lands on top of a building and Batman goes to the edge. He sees the battle underneath, searching for Bane. Some of the police men seem to be giving up and retreating. They’re too many in Bane’s army. Bane takes out two men, kills another, and then grabs knife and stabs an officer. Batman spots him. Music kicks in. He rises and takes in a breath. He then says,

“It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.”

He jumps off! He then expands his cape, and begins gliding over the men fighting. The GCPD see the Dark Knight fly over them. They cheer him on and gain strength. Bane over hears the cheers and turns. Bane whispers, “Ah, theatrics.” Batman makes eye contact with Bane; Batman’s furious. Bane then yells, “So you came back to die in you—“ BAM! The Batman tackles him down. Bane launches him off. Batman, “Where’s the trigger?!” They fight. We cut to Blake driving along with the kids, and then whush! Catwoman passes them. The kids see her and cheer her on! All thinking it was the Batman. The Little Brother (who asked Blake if he thought the Batman would return) was the only one who knew it wasn’t him.

Batman and Bane continue their fight, and they go up the staircase, like the movie. Batman cuts Bane’s mask and defeats him. He finds Miranda and tells her to watch over. He demands for the trigger like the original. Gordon gets ahold of a vehicle to distract the real truck holding the bomb. Bane asks how he got back, and that’s when Miranda stabs Batman and reveals herself as Talia, daughter of Ras a Gul. She explains everything like the movie did. And Gordon is able to stop the signal from Talia’s remote. She leaves and tells Bane to end Batman. Catwoman stops Bane like the original. As Talia regroups with the real truck, Batman tells Catwoman to be on the ground. When they leave, Catwoman keeps the rope that was around Batman and there’s one last shot of Bane’s mask, and we hear a small breath (cliff hanger for his survival)

We cut to Blake trying to cross the bridge but they blow a piece of it off, in order to no break protocol, since they didn’t know about the whole plan going down with Batman saving the city. Same Bat chase and Batpod chase. Batman and Catwoman are able to get rid of the other tumblers and prepare one last assault on Talia. Catwoman comes from the back as the Bat comes in fronts of her (like the movie) but Batman hesitates since he still had feelings for Talia. Talia shots an AK-47 from the cabin through the window, but Catwoman fires and flattens the wheels of the truck. Talia loses control and dives off the road and crashes. Catwoman can’t stop the Batpod from following the fall since she was right behind Talia, so she uses the rope as whip and lashes herself onto a pole and she swings down. As Batman lands the Bat, Talia exits the truck, bloodied up. She has her father’s blade in her hand as one last attack but she’s too weak. She takes a few steps and says her last words like the original. Lucius barely escapes the emergency flooding Talia activated. She finally falls and dies. Gordon covers he body, and Batman attaches the bomb to the Bat. Catwoman and Batman kiss like the movie and Gordon tries one last time to convince him to not go through this (like in The Dark Knight). Batman then reveals to Gordon when they first met (that flashback was perfect!). Batman takes off and passes through the kids and Blake at the bridge. The Little Brother says the same line. “That’s Batman!” Batman takes his last flight and the bomb donates. We see the citizens come out their homes, and everyone cheering. We cut to Bruce Wayne’s funeral, where Alfred returns and has his sad moment with Bruce’s parents. Blake tells Gordon that he’s done with the force and wants people to know who save the city. Gordon responds, “It was the Batman”. Cut to Batman’s statue unveiling, then we cut to Blake listening to Bruce’s will. We follow along with the original ending with Alfred and Blake. Alfred sees Bruce Wayne alive with Selina Kyle in Florence. Robin Blake finds the Batcave, but the last shot is as the platform rising, but underneath it’s revealed to be holding a prototype suit with a blue symbol in the chest with new gadgets next to it. Indicating the start of the Nightwing. Then cut to black.


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