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Hello, Salutations, Ni Hao, Salam! A little about me, Before we begin here's a little about me:

I'm a stand up comic who has always dreamed of being a nerd! From as far back as I could remember comics were always a part of my life. They influenced my life so much so that one of my final papers in college compared the allegory of the cave to Batman Year One.

The earliest memory of a comic book experience I have is watching the 90s' X-Men cartoon, every Saturday morning I'd wake up watch that, Pokemon and Digimon. Some things I never got into like Batman, I guess at that young an age it was too dark for me. It was something I wouldn't pick back up until my early 20s', it's at this age that I can appreciate the amazing writing by Paul Dini in episodes like Heart of Ice where you feel compassion for a cartoon and kind of dumbfounded for having waited this long to experience something like this.

I grew up in a strict household growing up, to give you guys & girls an idea of the kind of house I grew up in my mom forbade the watching of SpongeBob. So I thought if my mom won't let me watch a bear of a sea star hangout with his flamboyant neighbor there's no way in hell she'll let me watch the first X-Men movie. And you're right she didn't, so my aunt snuck me to see it, it was amazing, live action Wolverine and Sabertooth duking it out, Toad jumping from wall to wall and Cyclops with his....sun-visor.....hey at least they have him Oakley's in Days of Future Past.

Anyways this is a long round about way of saying this, "Hi my name is Chris and I'm a giant nerd and yes I am a new writer on" Actually that's a lie, I'll actually be making more video posts than writing posts so expect at least a video a week of stuff I want to talk about or he'll follow me on Instagram (@chriswearsglasses) to see what I'm up to.

But for now, I bid you adieu as I have work in the morning and have to figure out a way I can fit this into my already busy schedule. Keep checking back for more articles/videos!


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