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Movies have always been one of the best entertainment modes for the people. They tend to take their audience to a virtual world through their stories and sequences.Apart from removing all the stress and anxiety, the show particularly created for few hours is designed to deliver a specific message to the society. Of course they have done very well in this regards influencing people many times for great transformations and choosing right directions in their lives.

Further, Films have been based upon various categories and subjects. Either it is a comic presentation, a sequence thriller, romantic or serious, they effectively revitalize your mind and soul through the work of art by the team behind each movie. It lays robust platform to explain the role and theme of any explicit topic or subject. One of such topic of interests for the people has been sports.

A myriad of films have been made upon various sectors of games and sports. Many of the films made on sports depict about the truth and realities of this sector, while some other sports films although being complete work of fiction manage to portray about the probabilities to the audience. Well, hollywood has something astounding collections of classic sport movies with the acts performed by some of the polished actors and directors of the industry.

With the reference of such category check out some of the most popular award wining and must watch hollywood movies on sports:

The Rookie:

With the stars like Dennis Quiad, Jay Hernandez and Rachel Griffiths, this is a true story about a coach who analyzes that it never gets late to chase the dreams therby making them true and further achieve success when his team enters major league organization.

Jerry Maguire:

Released in 1996, this Tom Cruise starred film is about a sports agent Jerry, who starts his own management firm joined by his mother, after when he gets fired from his company.

Million Dollar Baby:

Directed by Clint Eastwood and embellished with the stars like Hilary Swank, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and jay Baruchel, the Film tells about a boxing trainer who trains a less popular boxer to achieve her goal to become a successful professional Boxer. Additionally, the story was a big hit.

A league of their own:

Based upon the game of basketball, this is the film which describes about the time when many young men were found nowhere after world war II, then a candy maker being a publicity hunger sponsors a professional all female baseball league. The film was released in 1992 and was directed by Penny Marshall.


The film film studded by one of the finest actors of Hollywood Will Smith displays about the story of famous boxing legend Muhammad Ali Starting the journey from his earlier days to the boxing ring thereafter becoming a Super Star of Boxing.

Glory Road:

Acted by Josh Lucas, Derek Luke and Jon Voight, the film tells about the true story of 1996, when Texas Western Coach Don Haskins trained all black college basket ball team to their way straight to the NCAA national championship.

Million Dollar Arm:

Directed by Craig Gillespie, this is the film which tells the story of sports agent J.B. Bernstein who aspires to get next baseball pitcher from India. He further trains teen aged cricket players to transform them to make league star. On the same side, the Coach too learns the significance of team work and family.

To summarize, there are various more films on sports which have performed really well. You just need to have some of the good selection and then you could enjoy watching them in your own personal theatre. Other than that some stores like Dealslands can provide to mind blowing deals on movies and CDs and DVDs.


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