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WARNING: Potential spoilers for The Walking Dead ahead.

While last night's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) gave us the chance to meet a few more of the Alexandria residents, for viewers there is only one character that they want to see on screens: Morgan. Despite Morgan being noticeably absent from the show after his last appearance back in the mid-season finale, he did make a cameo of sorts in episode 13, "Forget"!

Right at the very end of episode 13, Rick was shown walking and waving to Jessie and Pete (and briefly contemplating shooting Pete), then as he walked the road on patrol he passed a street named Morgan Street. Check it out:

Now what is most interesting about this little Easter Egg is that Morgan Street is the actual name of the street of the town where The Walking Dead films in Senoia, Georgia. So maybe it's just a coincidence? Hmm, coincidence in The Walking Dead? I don't think so.

Take my word for it, it does say Morgan.
Take my word for it, it does say Morgan.

The image below is taken from AMC's interactive tour of Alexandria (which you can find here), where you can just make out that all the street signs have all been blanked out, including Morgan Street. Surely if they can change the names of the streets in the online interactive tour, then they could change them for the show if need be? After all, we're talking about a show that does a lot of post-production editing for things walker and weapons related, changing a street sign would not be a big deal in the scheme of it all.

Personally I think this was a cool little nod to the fact that Morgan will, at some point, meet up with the group again in Alexandria.

We know that at the moment, or at least when we saw him last, Morgan was quite a ways behind Rick and the gang. Last we saw he has found the map with Rick's name on it when he came across Father Gabriel's church, after the church had been left to the elements for weeks or perhaps months after the group left. The maps showed the group's intended route to Washington, D.C. so it would be fair to assume that Morgan is still tailing them, though at what pace we have no idea. Now that the group is stationary, it might only be a matter of days or weeks until Morgan is somewhere in the proximity of Alexandria, and with Daryl now one of the scouters perhaps he'll soon be spotted (Daryl has never met Morgan, but surely knows who he is, and what he looks like thanks to Rick, Carl and Michonne)?

One thing is for sure though, with the tension that is sure to build before the 90-minute-long season finale, I just hope that when they do meet that Morgan is a friend and not the enemy.

What do you think the Morgan road sign meant? Tell me below!


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