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After this Sunday's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) many of the gang look to be settling in very nicely at Alexandria, though it seems like they have a bit of work to do after it was revealed that the community lacked any proper type of lookout or patrol.

The promos and sneak peeks for next week give us an insight into episode 14, "Spend," which looks like it is surely building up to something big for the 90-minute-long season finale.

We're lucky enough to have all three promo videos, so strap in and check out the best bits, plus the videos below:

We finally see Father Gabriel in what looks like a make-shift church

The Father has been noticeably absent since the very beginning of episode 12 when the gang handed over their weapons. Thankfully, it seems that he has stayed out of harm's way and in "Spend" he looks to have found some sort of temporary church.

Abraham, Glenn and Rick all look very tense

After seeing Abraham in his 'church' the promo then cuts to three individual shots of Abe, Glenn and Rick, all looking very somber. Meanwhile a voice over Abraham says:

Satan disguises himself as the angel of light. That false light will destroy everything. The day will come.

Very cryptic message here, I have to wonder who he is referring to, personally the first person that comes to mind is Carol with her light, breezy new personality which is masking a much darker person underneath, but Deanna could also fit the bill, or perhaps an outside threat who we haven't met yet.

The group look like they're gearing up for something

Abraham looks to be leading this group as they rush to raise their weapons, ready for action. I'll be intrigued to learn if there is a real threat, or if perhaps he is training up some of the citizens of Alexandria to better defend themselves.

Noah and Glenn check some stuff out

It looks like Noah and Glenn are still runners for Alexandria and after walking around a building spot what looks to be a lot of walkers inside a gate. What is this place - and have these walkers naturally ended up in there, or have they been penned up by a group, perhaps the same group who have been carving 'W's' into their heads.

Eugene looks worries

It sounds like Eugene has had an idea as a voice over tells the group, "I take no responsibility for this." I can't help but think that he has told them about an area which might have a lot of supplies they need, but might be dangerous. Any other theories?

Glenn, Noah and Nicholas look startled

Could these three also be with Eugene and whatever it is that he has suggested? Having Nicholas along suggests that this is some sort of supply run, so who knows what kind of strife they may have ended up in.

Abe kills a walker

As you do!

The group check out a dark area

Nothing good is going to come out of this, right? Dark spaces are always scary (see: the prison).

Eugene raises his gun to something in the dark

I have no idea what he could be pointing his gun at, but hopefully Eugene is about to bust some walker ass and not have to put down a member of the group.

Watch the whole promo for episode 14, "Spend" below:

The sneak peeks for episode 14, "Spend" both have short excerpts from the episode:

In sneak peek one Eugene has accompanied Tara out on a run, though he is not very comfortable with the situation, claiming he is "not combat ready." Tara tells Eugene he has to start pulling his weight, though he argues that he has, and the group is only where it is because of him and his fake cure. Tara calls him a coward and Eugene agrees that he is, and that he never stated otherwise.

In sneak peek two Rick and Pete, Jessie's husband, are talking inside one of the group's houses. Pete tells Rick that Alexandria may look like a happy community but they have lost things and are clinging on to others. Pete is drinking from a bottle and offers to give Judith and Carl medical check-ups, before telling Rick that the two of them should be friends because "they kind of have to be" and leaving the house. As Pete leaves, Rick gives him a distrustful look.

Watch both sneak peeks for episode 14, "Spend" below:

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