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Last week, the "blue and black" dress phenomenon took us by storm, causing rifts throughout worldwide communities, testing relationships and splitting us all into two camps, each adamantly certain that the color they saw was in fact the real deal (I stubbornly stand my ground that it was most definitely "black and blue" all along, by the way...)

Hot on the tail of the craze, Cosmopolitan magazine has now cast a different light on , by making Disney princesses wear the infamous figure-hugging garment!

Take a look:

1. Cinderella

2. Mulan

3. Tiana

4. Jasmine

5. Pocahontas

6. Anna

7. Ariel

8. Meg

Which one wears which - white or gold, or black and blue? Let me know in the comments below!


Do you like this #TheDress and Disney mash-up?



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