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Move over, princes! It turns out that Disney princesses have found love on their own.

Artist Saint Hoax, who previously used the princesses for a campaign against domestic violence, has created a series exploring the heroines' independence. To express this, we see Ariel and the like trading kisses with themselves.

It's an interesting approach (one I saw much more often with pictures of Kanye), and Saint Hoax gets attempts to get to the heart of what we consider a "happy ending" for our favorite animated ladies. Check out the images below.

1. Aurora

2. Cinderella

3. Jasmine

4. Snow White

5. Ariel

There you have it. A list of photos I never would have expected seeing during my childhood. Isn't the internet a wonderful place?

Do you see independence in this Disney princess fan art?


Which one is your favorite?


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