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Twilight star, Jackson Rathbone, is reportedly to sue the sellers of his new home in Los Angeles following accusations that they destroyed the property's music studio before moving out of the house.

Rathbone, who played Jasper Hale in the hit saga, claims that the $1.2 million he paid included the recording studio, which was fully-operational at the time he made the offer. But when he moved in, the star says the studio was gone.

To make matters even worse, the unscrupulous sellers are said to have turned the garden into a large garbage heap.

Rathbone is reportedly devastated about what has happened and is now demanding $50,000 from the sellers to refurbish the studio. He says that the studio was an important selling-point since he's a musician who was in the group, 100 Monkeys, and that he wouldn't have bought the property without it.

Rathbone's house and recording studio
Rathbone's house and recording studio

A TMZ journalist got in touch with the sellers but they refused to comment.

Poor, Jackson!


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