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In a few days, The Vampire Diaries will return with an Ian Somerhalder-directed installment on March 12.

Not only can I simply not wait any longer to sink my teeth into the new episode, but I am also very intrigued by the rumors of what to expect. Remind yourself of what may be to come with 'The Downward Spiral' extended promo below:

Undoubtedly Caroline shutting off her emotions will have a big impact on the Mystic Falls crew, but there is also speculation that we will also be seeing a very different side to Stefan Salvatore in the upcoming episodes. In a recent interview ahead of the air date, Somerhalder teased us with a few ideas of what is to come, saying

“Stefan makes a very, very tough decision that changes everything for him for quite a while.”

Despite the statement being very vague, it is highly probable that Stefan will do something drastic in relation to his solidarity to, and love interest in, Caroline.

Will Stefan be shutting off his humanity switch?

Since she turned off her humanity following the tragic death of her mother, Liz, Caroline has been very happy abandoning all rationale and going off the rails. Perhaps in suit, Stefan is going to join her instead of dealing with the consequences of her choices.

Either way, he is going to make some tough decisions, especially when Caroline's ability to control herself goes completely haywire. Speaking of what we can expect, show executive producer Julie Plec agrees:

“I think he's going to hold himself very responsible. […] He's definitely going to be carrying that burden with him, very determined to do anything he can to get her back on track."

Yet, to get her back on track, will he also have to go over to the dark side? When faced with this question, Somerhalder retains an air of mystery:

“Stefan goes through a pretty intense transformation.”

My personal opinion is that, as detrimental such a transformation would be for him, it would be so fun to watch him indulge in a hedonistic lifestyle with Caroline. Just think of what shenanigans and misbehaving they would get themselves into!

Additionally, Paul Wesley is no stranger to playing a sadistic character who discards his moral compass and he has openly admitted in the past to enjoying bringing out Stefan's "Ripper" side.

The return of Stefan's mother

However, another piece of information has also since shaken up the vamp community, suggesting that Stefan may be turning off his emotions for another reason altogether. One which may have nothing to do with Caroline at all!

In particular, the revelation that the Salvatore's mother is alive but imprisoned in a dark prison world is a severe complication. Plec says:

“Damon has to ask himself, what do I need to learn about this person before I tell my poor little brother that he has mourned her since he was 10 that she might be an evil, evil person trapped in bad places. [...] He's got a bit of a struggle at the top of the next episode trying to figure that out.”

If Damon musters up the courage to tell his brother that Mama Salvatore is alive, perhaps it will be her return that actually sparks off an uncontrollable series of events for Stefan, triggering his transformation.

What do YOU think will happen!? Let me know YOUR ideas in the comments below!


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