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Actor Sean Bean may be known for his brutish and stereotypical hard-man roles in fantasy smashes The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, but it appears he's not quite as unflappable off-screen as he is on it.

Amongst the gold mine of material that is the Lord of the Rings bonus content discs, is this hilarious nugget of an exchange between the movie's director Peter Jackson, and actors Sean Bean and Viggo Mortenson.

The exchange reveals that Bean is rather scared of a certain mode of transport. And that mode of transport was vital to get the shot that Jackson wanted.

Here's how it goes.

Peter Jackson, says:

But to achieve that, they needed to ride in a helicopter.

Sean Bean, says:

Much to the delight of his fellow co-stars.

Viggo Mortenson:

This is the scene:

Poor Sean Bean, eh? Who'd have thought a tough Northern Englander would be scared of a wussy little thing like a helicopter!?

Just kidding, Sean. We love you really.

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