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The Lord of the Rings' Hobbits are renowned for their appreciation of the more comfortable and relaxing aspects of life - including the much vaunted 'Longbottom' leaf.

Now, the exact properties of Longbottom leaf are never exactly explained in the films, but we do know it's a 'tobacco-like' product which is smoked in pipes and included within a range of 'pipe-weeds.' Gandalf is known to partake (while Saruman even suggests it's been slowing his mind), but two of its biggest lovers are Pippin and Merry.

In some behind the scenes interviews, Billy Boyd discusses to what extent he, and fellow Hobbit actor Dominic Monaghan, were expected to play up the effects of Longbottom leaf, eventually delivering performances ranging from 'slightly drunk' to 'very high.' Check them out below:

It's not that surprising that Peter Jackson picked perhaps the least controversial version of the celebratory Hobbits at Isengard, but it still is rather heavily implied the Hobbits have been getting at least a little bit blazed - I mean, why else are they eating so much salted pork? Check out the theatrical version of the scene below:

Can we really blame them, though? If I had just invaded the monolithic tower of an evil wizard while riding on the back of a talking and walking tree, I'd probably be looking for something to take the edge off too.

What do you think? Are Merry and Pippin, and Gandalf for that matter, Middle Earth stoners? Let us know below.

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