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Move over Michael Flatley, because we've found a new Lord of the Dance and his name is Ryan Gosling.

Video footage of the young Canadian heartthrob throwing some killer shapes with a dance troupe that was modestly named 'Ryan and Company' have resurfaced recently, and in my eyes, they are the best thing that has happened to the internet in a long time. Or, maybe ever.

But, before we delve into the full musical glory of the videos, we should warm up first, and here are some of the most glorious dance moves you can look forward to from this newly discovered hammer pants hero:

5. The Grinding Mime to 'I'm So Fine'

It's not everyday you find a tweenage boy who has the confidence to pull off a set of moves like these, but Ryan has it covered!

4. The Prancing Playaaaaa

Seems like the 'hey girl' meme might be older than we thought...

3. The Crazy Legs

I salute that masterful knee-knock.

2. The Gyration Station

Whoever choreographed this segment has a lot to answer for.

1. The Leg Shake Smug Face

He was so damned pleased with that leg shake.

But, if you thought that was good, wait until you hear the full Cathy Dennis glory of the music in the videos below:

I love you, Ryan!

(Source: Bustle)


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