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Owen Wilson is not known for being top dog when it comes to action movies. Instead, the actor usually graces our screens in comedies and quirky features such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Zoolander, the Wedding Crashers and Meet the Parents.

He has been the perfect ex-boyfriend, the cowboy, an animation voice-over artist and even a struggling writer nostalgic for the roaring '20s. However, his most recent project sees him running for his life in a genre previously untouched by his career.

The Weinstein Company has just dropped the trailer for No Escape, which stars the actor alongside Lake Bell and ex-James Bond star Pierce Brosnan.

Before I launch you straight into the movie trailer, check out the short breakdown below to give you a sense of what this action roller-coaster is all about:

No Escape follows the story of a family that makes the move to Southeast Asia to start a new life

Just as they arrive, a violent political uprising erupts

What begins as a family drama soon descends into a nightmare scenario

A total bloodbath is unleashed, featuring terrorist insurgents and a barrage of bullets being rained on American citizens

The only hope is for Wilson to embark on a Liam Neeson-esque battle to protect his family and get them to the safety of the American embassy

Echoing certain elements from the Taken blockbuster, in which Neeson stops at nothing to save his kidnapped daughter, this action thriller is sure to be a similar adrenaline rush of emotion and heart-stopping moments. Without any further hesitation, take a look at the first release of the trailer below:

An unlikely duo

In particular, I am very excited to see how the relationship between veteran badass Pierce Brosnan, a government agent, and Wilson plays out. Seeing these two actors from entirely different spectrums of the industry come together will be very exciting.

And considering Brosnan is clearly attempting to get back into being Hollywood's action heavy-weight with his latest release of The November Man, it will be fantastic to see him taking up arms again to defend the innocent in No Escape.

The movie is directed by John Erick Dowdle and is set to hit movie theaters on September 2, 2015.


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